The Parish of Kirkcudbright

People and Places

Kirkcudbright Castle and the Lords Kirkcudbright. By Dumfries & Galloway Standard:
The Castle, its occupants, and its place in history. - View Page

Life in a Country School By John Graham:
and the 'Maister' Alexander Matheson (Galloway News, 25th November 1961) - View Page

Telford's Bridge at Tongland By "Dee":
An account of the erection of the 'new' bridge at Tongland, designed and overseen by Thomas Telford. From the Gallovidian of 1911. - View Page

Kirkcudbright in the Early Days of Queen Mary By J Robison:
A look at Kirkcudbright as it was in the 16th century - View Page

Kirkcudbright Combination Poor House By James Bell:
The poor house for the county of Kirkcudbright was built on the outskirts of Kirkcudbright and housed 'Paupers' and poor people from all the various parishes between Troqueer and Minnigaff. Opened in 1851, it continued in existence until 1949. - View Page

William Thomson, of Kirkcudbright : Cobbler and Naturalist By unknown:
Short article on this Kirkcudbright cobbler & naturalist, possibly the subject of Sir James Guthrie's painting of "Old Willie, the Village Worthy." - View Page

Memories of Kirkcudbright - The Old Harbour. By John Graham:
A series of five articles from the Galloway News written in 1951. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Post Office Directory - 1921/22 By James Bell:
Were your ancestors in Kirkcudbright in 1921. If so, check this to find out where they stayed, and in many cases - what they worked at. - View Page

Mr. & Mrs. John (Hubby) Poland. By Galloway News:
Two articles on the retirement of 'Hubby' Poland from the lifeboat crew and his wife Sarah after 52 years as town bellringer. 1948 and 1949. - View Page

Opening of Kirkcudbright Academy - 1926 By James Bell:
Between February 1925 and September 1926, Kirkcudbright Academy was all but rebuilt, and when the new building was opened, there was much pageantry and celebration. - View Page

Earl of Selkirk, Peer of Scotland. By Edmund Lodge Esq.:
This family lineage is extracted from the book The Genealoy of the Existing British Peerage with Brief Sketches of the Family Histories of the Nobility, by Edmund Lodge Esq., published in London in 1832. - View Page

John McClelland - Minister at Kirkcudbright By John Howie:
Taken from The Scots Worthies. a brief history of those who testified or suffered for the cause of the Reformation in Scotland, by John Gibson of Lochgoin, published 1853 - View Page

Maclellan - Lord Kirkcudbright By Sir Edmund Burke:
Extracted from Burke's Peerages, dated 1866, traces the Maclellans of Kirkcudbright from around 1600 until the title fell dormant in 1832. - View Page

Life of Thomas, Earl of Selkirk By Thomas Murray:
Thomas established the Red River Colony in 1811 and brought dozens of families from Scotland to transform the land at Red River into a farming colony. - View Page

John McClelland By John Howie of Lochgoin:
Seventeenth Century Minister in Kirkcudbright Parish. - View Page

Judge Thomson - A Love Story. By unknown:
This article appeared in the Edinburgh Magazine for 1843 (Volume 10) published by William Tait, Edinburgh and tells the story of two Kirkcudbright people and what became of them. - View Page

The Trial and Execution of Henry Greig By John C MacKenzie:
Henry Greig was hanged in Kirkcudbright in 1750. Thisreport (undated) extracts information on it from local records and recollections. - View Page

Jamie Weems By John Graham:
Chimney sweep & entertainer. (Galloway News 23rd November, 1957) - View Page

Kirkcudbright's Siller Gun By W.H.C.:
A history of the "Siller Gun" and the Silver Arrow, and the winners of the trophies as extracted from Minute Books of the Six Incorporated Trades of the Town. - View Page

Odds and Ends By unknown:
Remarks on the state of the town in February, 1882. (Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser) - View Page

The King's Arms Inn By J Robison:
The Old Head Inn of Kirkcudbright and its Burns Associations. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Characters By John Graham:
Galloway News, 29th November & 13th December 1958. - View Page

John Paul Jones Bi-centenary Celebrations 1947 By unknown:
Illustrated brochure to record of the visit paid to the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright by a small party from the United States Navy in celebration of his birth. - View Page

Opening of Kirkcudbright Creamery By unknown:
Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser, 21st October 1921. - View Page

Guide to Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse of Fleet c1950 By unknown:
This little visitors' guide icludes some good photos. - View Page

Ozzy - James Osborne By John Graham:
Cabinet maker and undertaker. (Galloway News, 6th September 1959) - View Page

The Churchyards of the Stewartry - Dunrod and Galtway By "J. M.":
- View Page

Edward Telfair of Kirkcudbright and Georgia By Charles C Jones:
This chapter is taken from the book "Biographical Sketches of the Delegates from Georgia to the Continental Congress. Published in 1891 - View Page

JAMES R. SMITH, of Kirkcudbright and New York By William MacBean:
Biographical note in in the "Biographical Register of Saint Andrew's society of the State of New York, Volume 1, by William MacBean. Published in 1922 - View Page

The Cochran's of Kirkcudbright and New York By William MacBean:
These short biographies are taken from the Biographical Register of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York, published in 1922. - View Page

The Lenox's of Galloway By Henry Paton:
This research was published in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record of 1913 and outlines the Lenox entries in various historical records of Scotland. - View Page

Robert Lenox of Kirkcudbright and New York By William MacBean:
Biographical note in in the "Biographical Register of Saint Andrew's society of the State of New York, Volume 1, by William MacBean. Published in 1922 - View Page

David Lenox of Kirkcudbright and Philadelphia By James Bell:
David Lenox was born 3rd October 1753 in Kirkcudbright. His parents were James Lenox, a shoemaker in the town, and Elizabeth Sproat. David along with his brother Robert, went to Philadelphia to their uncle David Sproat. - View Page

James Lenox, son of Robert Lenox of Kirkcudbright and New York By Henry Stevens:
This is the first (biographical) chapter in Mr Stevens' book detailing the collection of material for the creation on the Lenox Library in New York - View Page

James Cririe - (1752 - 1835). Native of New Abbey. By By William Stevens, D.D.:
One time rector of Wigtown and Kirkcudbright Schools, Edinburgh High School, and minister at Dalton, Dumfriesshire. In 1800 he married Janet Lenox, sister of the Lenox brothers who were successful merchants in New York - View Page

Captain Alexander Roxburgh, Kirkcudbright and Canada By H H Robertson:
Alexander Roxburgh was a native of Kirkcudbright, who had a distinguished military career in Canada. - View Page

Doctor Patrick Murray, Kirkcudbright and Jamaica &c. By Foster & Green:
Doctor Patrick Murray, "Physician General and Judge of the Grand Court in the Island of Jamaica" a native of Kirkcudbright. - View Page

The Pause at Pluckemin By George Quarry:
The story of "Big Bob Little" and his Kirkcudbright mither! - View Page

John McLellan of Kirkcudbright, Newtonards, Ireland, and passenger on the emigrant ship “Eagle Wing.” By James Bell:
In 1636 the first ship to leave from Ireland with settlers from there heading for America, left from Lough Fergus. This ship had a Kirkcudbright connection - John McLellan. - View Page

Alexander Gordon and Robert Mure, Kirkcudbright and South Carolina By James Bell:
A newspaper cutting records the deaths of two Kirkcudbright businessmen in South Carolina. - View Page

John Duncan: Travels in Western Africa, 1845 and 1846. By John Duncan:
A native of Kirkcudbright, John Duncan was one of the earliest explorers of the African interior. He was forgotten by history for many years, but he recorded his adventures in a book. - View Page

Eleven Generations of the Ewart Family By John Spencer Ewart:
The story of one line of the Ewart Family of Mullock, Rerrick Parish and Kirkcudbright - View Page

General Sir George Alexander Ewart, K.C.B By John MacKay:
A descendent of the Ewarts of Mullock and Kirkcudbright, this biographical sketch appeared in the Celtic Monthly, a Magazine for Highlanders, in November 1895 - View Page

Joseph Ewart (1759 - 1792) of Mullock, Kirkcudbright, Troqueer and Prussia By ---- Waldie:
This remarkable man's story is taken from Waldie's Select Circulating Library &c published in 1836. His father was Rev. John Ewart, who was Presbyterian minister of Troqueer for 58 years, and descended from the Ewarts of Mullock. - View Page

Dr Maxwell Garthshore, son of Rev. George Garthshore, Kirkcudbright By unknown:
An account of the life of Dr Garthshore, and also of his father who was the parish minister at Kirkcudbright for 50 years. Written anonymously as an obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine of 1812. - View Page

William Lidderdale, Governor of the Bank of England 1889 – 1892 By James Bell:
An introduction to the Lidderdale family who had a long association with Kirkcudbright and who had world-wide influence. - View Page

The Anderson brothers of Kirkcudbright and Melbourne By Unknown:
The story of three Kirkcudbright brothers who were pioneer emigrants to the Melbourne area of Australia. - View Page

Robert Knox and Burke & Hare By Henry Lonsdale:
This is a bit of the story of Robert Knox, the receiver of the bodies from Burke and Hare. His grandfather lived on St May's Isle, Kirkcudbright. - View Page

James & William Perry, Kirkcudbright and Whatcom, Washington. By unknown:
These two brothers, who are stated as born in Kirkcudbright (not confirmed), went with their parents to America in 1857. - View Page

Thomas Maclellan of Bombie - Builder of Kirkcudbright Castle By Sir J B Paul:
This short extract acts as an introduction to a complete chapter of a book which traces the Maclellan family through the generations and is an easily read / followed history of the family. - View Page