The Parish of Kirkcudbright

Property & Ownership

Ancient Valuation Roll - Kirkcudbright By James Bell:
The earliest valuation of the parish I have been able to find is one undated, but which is certainly older than 1799. It was published along with a valuation in 1819 by way of justifying the land valuation at that time. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Valuation Roll, 1819 By James Bell:
Valuation of the parish, excluding the burgh of Kirkcudbright in - View Page

1859/60 Valuation of the Parish of Kirkcudbright By James Bell:
The roll excludes property within the burgh of Kirkcudbright. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Personal Stent Rolls - 1779, 1790 & 1806 By James Bell:
From the early burgh records, lists of those within the Burgh who paid their Personal Stent, with occupations of heads of household. - View Page

Kirkcudbright Parochial Board Appeals - 1848. By James Bell:
Appeals on property valuation and income assessments on the establishment of the Kirkcudbright Parochial Board. Good information on some of the residents of the Parish at that time. - View Page