This short extract is taken from the book The Scots peerage; founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's peerage of Scotland, Volume 5, published in 1908. It acts as an introduction to a complete chapter of the book which traces the Maclellan family through the generations and is an easily read / followed history of the family.

Thomas Maclellan of Bombie - Builder of Kirkcudbright Castle

Thomas Maclellan of Bombie, who was also a minor at the time of his father's death, and Thomas Maclellan of Auchlane became his tutor. The latter, in 1547, came to the relief of the town of Kirkcudbright, which was invested by an English force under Sir Thomas Carleton of Carleton, and forced him to raise the siege. Thomas Maclellan of Bombie was Provost of Kirkcudbright 1565. He had a charter on 6 December 1569 of the ground and site of the Friars Church, in Kirkcudbright, on which to build a house. Here, twelve years later, he erected his handsome mansion, the ruins of which still stand. It is, however, doubtful whether it was ever completely finished, and it has been roofless since 1752. He was made a Gentleman of the King's Chamber 15 October 1580. On 11 February 1591-92 Thomas Maclellan of Bombie had a Crown charter of Skelrie and other lands in the barony of Etoun, co. Wigtown, to be held from the Commendator of the Priory of St. Mary's Isle; and the lands of Overlaw and others, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, to be held of the Oommendator of Dundrennan; and considering that he and his predecessors had been for many years bailies of the lands of Kirkcryst, which had fallen to the King as part of the temporality of the bishopric of Galloway, the King constituted Thomas and his heirs hereditary justiciars and bailies of the said lands and barony, with power to hold wapenshawings. [Wapenshaw is litteraly a showing of weapons, but meant holding training in military crafts and displaying available weapons as required by the king] On 19 October 1591 he had a charter of the eight-merk lands of Kirkcryst, purchased
from John Kennedy of Blairquhan, and his wife Margaret Keith. On 29 July 1592 he had a charter of the lands of Culcaigreis and others, in the lordship of Galloway-under-Cree, which he purchased from Sir John Seton of Barns. On 12 November 1594 he and his son and heir, Robert, had a charter from James Murehead of Lauchop, selling him the lands of Balgreddane. He acquired the two-merk lands of Auchenglour from William M'Culloch of Myretoun, and had a charter of them 2 December 1594. On 5 June 1597 he resigned his lands in favour of his son Robert, who had a charter erecting them de novo into the free barony of Bombie. In 1570 he sold the Kirk of St. Andrew, then disused, and also the Kirk of the Grey Friars (of the site of which he had got a grant in 1569 as previously stated), undertaking to support the chancel, being one-third of the building, if the parishioners would church down to 1838; and over the family vault is a fine monument with his effigy, and with two heads, probably portraits of himself and his wife, in the spandrils above the arch, erected by his son, Lord Kirkcudbright. He died in July 1597. He married, first, Helen, daughter of Sir James Gordon of Lochinvar, who died 26 November 1581; and, secondly (contract January 1584), Grisel, daughter of John Maxwell, fourth Lord Herries,' by whom he had issue : —

1. Robert, afterwards Lord Kirkcudbright.

2. William of Glenshinnoch, Provost of Kirkcudbright.
Died before 26 November 1631, having married Rosina, daughter of Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw. He had by her : —

(1) William, mentioned 1631.* Died s.p.

(2) Thomas, second Lord Kirkcudbright.

3. John of Borgue. He married, first, his kinswoman Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of William Maclellan of Auchlane ; and, secondly (contract 12 December 1615), Margaret, daughter of William Coupar, Bishop of Galloway. She survived him, and married, secondly, before 21 July 1621, John MacCulloch of  Ardwall.' By her John Maclellan had issue : —

(1) John, third Lord Kii-kcudbright.

(2) William of Auchlane, of whom afterwards.

(3) Margaret.

4. Margaret, married, first, to William Maclellan of Gelston; secondly, to Patrick Vaus of Librack.'"

5. Marion, married, first, to Thomas Maclellan of Nunton, and, secondly , to John Glendonwyn, younger of Parton, both of whom she survived.

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