The purpose of this stub is to highlight the importance of the Lidderdale family who had a long association with Kirkcudbright. There are two major resources, both copyright, contained on the Lidderdale website, each with extensive information about the family history and genealogy. Links to these resources are given below. 

The Right Honourable William Lidderdale, Governor of the Bank of England 1889 – 1892.

The baptism section of the old Kirkcudbright parish church record the birth and baptism of a child John Latherdale, born 18th April 1782 and baptised on the 23rd of that month. His parents were William and Elizabeth (Wright) and they lived at Castle Dykes.

The correct surname for this child was Lidderdale, and he was descended from an old Kirkcudbright family who for some 200 years held the St Mary’s Isle estate.

John Lidderdale became a merchant in the Russian city of St. Pertersburg where he married and had five children. His second son, William Lidderdale was educated in England and became a merchant. In 1870 he also became a director of the Bank of England, and was appointed Governor in 1889.

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