Through the Camera Lenses of the Past

Glimpses of Kirkcudbright Parish from Early Postcards



Kirkcudbright Railway Station Old Tolbooth & South High Street St Cuthbert Street St Cuthbert Street Greyfriar's Church Sunday School Outing Old High Street Jasper Brooks, Millburn Street Railway Station Harbour Castle Street Harbour High Street Kirkcudbright Academy Kirkcudbright War Memorial Unveiling of War Memorial High Street St Cuthbert's Churchyard Balmae House Grange House Sunday School Outing St Cuthbert St and Harbour Square High Street War memorial and Greyfriars Church St Mary's Isle Mansion House The Lake Road, Kirkcudbright. Millburn Street John Houston, Weather Prophet Castle and Moatbrae Old Harbour, Kirkcudbright Maclellan Castle High Street at Tolbooth and County Buildings The Church School and Castle Maclellan Castle Tolbooth and Academy Selkirk Memorial and Parish Church The Tolbooth The Tolbooth The Harbour and Castle The Harbour The Bridge, Kirkcudbright The bridge and River Dee Kirkcudbright from the creamery Harbour Harbour Buildings Low tide at Kirkcudbright Kirkcudbright Harbour Harbour Old Harbour, Kirkcudbright Town Hall and St Mary Street Double Gates, Castledykes Sandside Castle and Old Harbour St Mary Street The Bridge, Kirkcudbright St Cuthbert Street Selkirk Memorial & St Cuthbert Street St Cuthbert Street Kirkcudbright from The Stell St Mary Street St Cuthbert Street Old Tolbooth and Market Cross