The People and Places of the Stewartry

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John Duncan: Travels in Western Africa, 1845 and 1846.: A native of Kirkcudbright, John Duncan was one of the earliest explorers of the African interior. He was forgotten by history for many years, but he recorded his adventures in a book. - View

John Campbell, Kirbean's other "Admiral of the Fleet": Kirkbean's most famous son, John Paul Jones, was not the only young man from there to have a successful career in the navy. This is John Campbell's story - View

William McCartney, Kirkcudbright and North Dansville, N.Y.: Reported as being a native of Kirkcudbright, McCartney was a pioneer settler in North Dansville, New York. - View

James Selkirk of Anwoth and Albany County, New York.: In 1775 James was one of a party of local people who sailed ( possibly from Gatehouse of Fleet) on the adventure of a lifetime. They arrived safely in New York after a stormy sea passage, where they made their home. This is his story. - View

James Gerrond, Balmaclellan and Neponset, Illinois: James Gerrond left Balmaclellan in 1850, and his parents followed him in 1852. His parents are listed in the 1851 census at Blairplane (Blawplain?) Balmaclellan. He was a small farmer and dyker. - View

James & William Perry, Kirkcudbright and Whatcom, Washington.: These two brothers, who are stated as born in Kirkcudbright (not confirmed), went with their parents to America in 1857. - View

JOHN McNEY, of Livermore, Larimer County, Colorado (and Kirkmabreck): JOHN McNEY has lived a life of excitement and adventure that has been equalled by few men. - View

John Hannah of Creetown. Poet.: Taken from a book of his poems; Posthumous Rymes, privately printed in 1854, this memoir tells a bit about his life. - View

Rev. John Wightman, born 1762 in Glaisters, Kirkgunzeon.: This worthy man succeeded in life, and was for many years minister in the Dumfriesshire parish of Kirkmahoe. His biography, the Life and Times of the Rev. John Wightman, D.D. by David Hogg, 1873, was written by his successor. - View

James Cririe - (1752 - 1835). Native of New Abbey.: One time rector of Wigtown and Kirkcudbright Schools, Edinburgh High School, and minister at Dalton, Dumfriesshire. - View

Indictment against Jean Maxwell, the Galloway Sorceress.: This report is taken from the Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany for 1806. It details the actions of Jean Maxwell, and her extortion attempts using witchcaft. - View

Dr Maxwell Garthshore, son of Rev. George Garthshore, Kirkcudbright: An account of the life of Dr Garthshore, and also of his father who was the parish minister at Kirkcudbright for 50 years. Written anonymously as an obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine of 1812. - View

The Harbour at Kirkcudbright: Published as a supplement to the Reports for the Commissioners in 1848, this report looks at the state of Kirkcudbright harbour at the end of the 18th century and considers how to improve it. - View

Robert Knox and Burke & Hare: This is a bit of the story of Robert Knox, the receiver of the bodies from Burke and Hare. His grandfather lived on St May's Isle, Kirkcudbright. - View

William Lidderdale, Governor of the Bank of England 1889 – 1892: An introduction to the Lidderdale family who had a long association with Kirkcudbright and who had world-wide influence. - View

John McLellan of Kirkcudbright, Newtonards, Ireland, and passenger on the emigrant ship “Eagle Wing.”: In 1636 the first ship to leave from Ireland with settlers from there heading for America, left from Lough Fergus. This ship had a Kirkcudbright connection - John McLellan. - View

Circuit Journeys, by the late Lord Cockburn.: When on the South Circuit of the High Court Lord Cockburn occasionally resided at Compstone, Twynholm. He kept a journal in which he recorded some of his forays in the area. - View

The Scottish Invasion of Man in 1456 and Manx Raid on Kirkcudbright in 1457: In 1456 James II launched an invasion of the Isle of Man from Kirkcudbright which resulted in a Manx raid on the town the following year. - View

A Wild Scot of Galloway - Sir Godfrey McCulloch: Taken from the book Romantic Narratives from Scottish History and Tradition, by Robert Scott Fittis, published in 1903. - View

Samuel Wilson, Clarebrand Poet: This extract is taken from the book Modern Scottish Poets (13th Series) published in Brechin in 1890. As well as biographical notes it contains three of his best poems. - View