The People and Places of the Stewartry

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Troqueer in the Olden Time.: Published in 1896 in the Transactions and journal of the proceedings of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, this is an excellent look at the parish and its history - View

Surnames of Kirkcudbrightshire.: This essay is taken from the Transactions and journal of the proceedings of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 1892-3 - View

Rev. John Blackadder, Covenanting Minister of Troqueer.: This article is taken from a book on Covenanter gravestones and tells the story of his imprisonment and death on the Bass Rock. - View

William Maxwell Hetherington, Troqueer.: A native of Troqueer, this free church minister was also an author and poet - View

Rev. Henry Duncan, D.D. Originator of the Savings Banks, a native of Lochrutton.: Henry Duncan's father and grandfather were both ministers in Lochrutton parish. Henry went on to do many worthwhile things in his time as minister at Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire. - View

John Bennett of Farga Mill, Dundrennan - Civil Engineer: This man had the most amazing career in India and the Far East. He was a builder of lighthouses, roads, bridges, irrigation and embankment systems on a vast scale. His father worked the mill at Fagra. - View

The Shannon Family of Tongland and Pennsylvania: Four Shannon brothers went to America about 1850. Two were sea captains, a third was killed in the Civil War, and the last , Alexander, settled at Carbondale, Pennsylvania. This is his family story. - View

Old Mortality - The Story of Robert Paterson, Stonemason: Robert Paterson, the Old Mortality of Scott, is most remembered for his work on the Covenanter Gravestones across the south of Scotland. This is his story, and that of his family - View

The Four Glenkens Ministers – by Isabella Trotter.: Isabella Trotter was the daughter of Dr Robert Trotter of the Glenkens. In this essay she tells of a visit to New Galloway where she heard the four Glenkens ministers preach at an open air service. - View

The Sufferings of a Covenanter: Robert McLellan of Barmagachan.: Barmagachan was one of the banished Covenanters sent to America on board the 'slave' ship of George Scot, Laird of Pitlochry, in 1685. This is his story. - View

Agnes Carmont or McDonald, of Buittle and New Zealand: Agnes was born at Allan Bank farm, Buittle parish. She went to New Zealand and with her husband became a pioneer in the Ohau River and Poroutawhao area. - View

Peter Gordon of Creetown and Knox County, Illinois: Peter emigrated to America and became a successful farmer in Knox County, Illinois. While there, he married Mary Ann McDowall Tait, who was also born in Kirkmabreck Parish. - View

George Marchbank, Buittle, and Madera County, California.: George was born at Butterhole Farm, Buittle, in 1857, moved to Tipperary for a while, then went to America to seek his fortune. This is his story - View

Samuel Mein of Buittle and Delaware County, New York: The Old Parish Registers for Buittle Parish record the births of 6 children to Robert Mein and his wife Euphemia Thomson. This is the story of one of their sons. - View

Bazil Gordon of Lochdougan. America's First Millionaire: Bazil Gordon was born in 1768 at Lochdougan, parish of Kelton. He went to Virginia and became a tobacco merchant, making a fortune there. He was America's first millionaire. - View

William Anderson, born in Kirkpatrick Durham, farmer in Kane County, Illinois.: The story of a young man, born in Kirkpatrick Durham parish, who left to go to America. He settled in Illinois where he worked and saved, bought his own farm, and ran a dairy herd. - View

Andrew McConchie Crawford, Creetown and Iowa: This article on the Crawford family appeared in the book Leading events in Johnson County, Iowa, published in 1913. - View

Johnnie Girr, Smuggler and Crofter, Auchencairn.: In East Galloway Sketches, by Dr. Alexander Trotter, published at Castle Douglas in 1901, we have a detailed, if somewhat pauky, biography of "Captain" John Girr of Auchencairn. - View

Sir Halliday Macartney of Dundrennan and China: Sir Halliday Macartney, K. C. M. G., commander of Li Hung Chang's trained force in the Taeping rebellion, founder of the first Chinese arsenals, for thirty years councillor and secretary to the Chinese legation in London - View

William Irving of Gatehouse-of-Fleet and Montpelier, Idaho.: William Irving was born in Gatehouse in either 1843 or 1845. His father died when he was young and, along with his mother, he went to Utah, then Idaho. - View