The People and Places of the Stewartry

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Tenant Farmers and the Law of Hypothic in 1865: The evidence of William Sproat, Borgue, and Thomas Biggar, Urr, to the Royal Commission in 1865 - View

The Galloway Horse: Description and anecdote for our local pony. Published in 1830. - View

The Diary of an Eighteenth Century Galloway Laird: William Cuninhame was a rich tobacco grower who retired to Scotland after making his fortune in Virginia, and bought, amongst other properties, the estate of Duchrie in Balmaghie. - View

John Pepper - Catholic Priest at Terregles 1774 - 1810.: Taken from the Journal and Appendix to Scotichronicon and Monasticon, Volume 1, 1869 - View

George Milligan of Glen Mill, Terregles: In the churchyard at Terregles there is a gravestone (#249) commemorating George Milligan, who died, according to the engraving, 21st February 1833, aged 88 years... - View

Sir William Henry Varney or Vino, born Castle Douglas: Born in Castle Douglas, brought up in Wigtownsire, this man founded the Veno Cough Cure Company. - View

John Gordon Nairne of Castle Douglas.: Nairne rose to be Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, a founding director of the BBC and 1st Baronet Kirkcudbright. - View

Thomas Maclellan of Bombie - Builder of Kirkcudbright Castle: This short extract acts as an introduction to a complete chapter of a book which traces the Maclellan family through the generations and is an easily read / followed history of the family. - View

Galloway Lairds in Ulster Plantations 1610: Details of the first Galloway/Ulster plantation owners. - View

Robert Burns Tour of the Stewartry.: This extract is taken from the obituary of Mr John Syme, a friend of Robert Burns. Mr Syme was a long-time resident of Kirkcudbrightshire. Our extract gives an insight into the character of Burns during his travels in the county - View

William Whitewright of Balmaghie and New York: In Balmaghie Churchyard on a gravestone immediately adjacent to the John Johnston of New York memorial there is a memorial to Thomas Whitewright, who died in 1795 at Shankfoot, and his wife Jean Charters, who died at Squarepoint in 1818 - View

John Mactaggart, Author, Poet and Engineer.: Author of "The Gallovidian Encyclopedia" John was born in Borgue parish, went to Canada as an engineer, and was an author and poet. - View

Robert Johnston, Haugh of Urr and New Jersey: A brother of John Johnston of New York, Robert also emigrated to America. This is his story. - View

King Robert's Bowl: Traditional story of Robert Bruce and the Sprottes of the Mote of Urr - View

The Pause at Pluckemin: The story of "Big Bob Little" and his Kirkcudbright mither! - View

Alexander Gordon and Robert Mure, Kirkcudbright and South Carolina: A newspaper cutting records the deaths of two Kirkcudbright businessmen in South Carolina. - View

Ebenezer Hyslop, Crossmichael and Osseo, Wisconsin.: Obituary and brief autobiographical recollections of this man who was originally from Crossmichael parish - View

John McCrae - Writer of "In Flanders Fields" - His connection to Balmaghie.: John's family all all came from the Stewartry. In the late 1840's most of the family emigrated to Canada. - View

The Murder of Earl William Douglas of Threave: In 1452, William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas, captured and murdered Sir Patrick Maclellan, the tutor of Bombie, and was in turn killed by Charles II at Stirling. - View

John Maxwell of Terraughty, Parish of Troqueer.: Extracted from "The book of Robert Burns; genealogical and historical memoirs of the poet, his associates and those celebrated in his writings," this item contains much of local interest. - View