The People and Places of the Stewartry

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John Murray Carnochan of Gatehouse - Surgeon.: Taken from the Cyclopaedia of American Biography, published in 1922. Successful New York surgeon with roots in Gatehouse. - View

Who was James McClellan of Kirkcudbright, Ulster and Worcester County Massachusetts?: McCLELLAN, Samuel, soldier, b. in Worcester, Mass., 4 Jan., 1730; d. in Woodstock, Conn., 17 Oct., 1807. His parents emigrated to America early in the 18th century and settled on a farm near Worcester. The family came from Kirkcudbright - View

The South of Scotland People in Pictou County, Nova Scotia: In 1774 a small ship sailed from Annan, Dumfriesshire to Nova Scotia. Many of the pioneers aboard settled in Pictou County. This is their story. - View

The Ewart Family of Mullock and Kirkcudbright.: This second look at the family gives more information. Taken from a book called "The Scottish Nation &c" by William Anderson, published in 1863. - View

Joseph Ewart (1759 - 1792) of Mullock, Kirkcudbright, Troqueer and Prussia: This remarkable man's story is taken from Waldie's Select Circulating Library &c published in 1836. His father was Rev. John Ewart, who was Presbyterian minister of Troqueer for 58 years, and descended from the Ewarts of Mullock. - View

General Sir George Alexander Ewart, K.C.B.: A descendent of the Ewarts of Mullock and Kirkcudbright, this biographical sketch appeared in the Celtic Monthly, a Magazine for Highlanders, in November 1895. - View

Eleven Generations of the Ewart Family: The story of one line of the Ewart Family of Mullock, Rerrick Parish and Kirkcudbright. - View

Mr Watson Shennan of the Conical Hills and Puketio Stations, Otago, New Zealand: A native of Lairdlaugh, Kirkpatrick Durham, who became one of the first and most influential runholders in Central Otago, New Zealand. - View

Alexander Sloane of New South Wales: In Buittle Churchyard there is a memorial stone to Ebenezer Sloan and his wife Jean Brydson. Both were natives of that parish. Two of their grandchildren emigrated to New South Wales - View

James Lenox, son of Robert Lenox of Kirkcudbright and New York: This is the first (biographical) chapter in Mr Stevens' book detailing the collection of material for the creation on the Lenox Library in New York - View

James Craik - Surgeons General: The history of James Craik, born at Arbigland, fried and physician to President George Washington, is contained in the website of the U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History. - View

Thomas McCrae of Dukeston, Kells and Guelph, Ontario: This article is taken from "A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography being chiefly men of the time" published in 1886 - View

James Cowan of Dalry and Ontario, Canada.: This article is taken from "A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography being chiefly men of the time" published in 1886. - View

Joseph Tait, of Kirkpatrick Durham and Toronto: Joseph Tait was the son of John Tait, master blacksmith at Lochpatrick Smithy, a mile outside the village of Kirkpatrick Durham. This passage is from "The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; or, Success by example &c" published in 1891. - View

Alexander McKay of Carsphairn and New Zealand: Alexander McKay was a son of William McKay, Wheelwright and master carpenter living in Carsphairn Village. This extract is taken from his obituary in the Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1918 - View

James L Maxwell, Twynholm and Springfield, Ohio: This item appeared in "A Biographical Record of Clark County, Ohio.", published in 1902 - View

Dr George Stephen Carson: This item appears the the book "Scots and Scots Descendants" published in 1917. Can anyone help with information about his father and grandfather? - View

Dr. William Carson of Billies, Kelton and Newfoundland: Dr Carson was born at the Billies Farm, Kelton Parish who emigrated to Newfoundland. - View

Gilbert Malcolm Sproat: Gilbert Sproat was born 19 April 1834 at Brighouse Farm, Borgue, son of Alexander Sproat, farmer, and Hectorine Shaw. - View

Alexander Reid - Painter of the Burns Miniature: Alexander Reid, artist and friend of Robert Burns, was a native of Buittle Parish. His story was published in the "Burns Chronicle" in 1919 - View