The People and Places of the Stewartry

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The Sparing of the Ardwall Beech Tree: When it was planned to remove a large beech tree in the gardens of Ardwell House around 1800, a movement arose to save it, resulting in a romantic poem. - View

Living Conditions of Irish Emigrants in Galloway,, 1836.: Very few people who are descended from families living in Galloway in the 19th century do not have Irish in their blood. This item is the evidence of several Galloway witnesses as to the terrible conditions many had to endure. - View

Gatehouse Prison and Crime - 1837: The following interesting item is from the report of the Inspector of Prisons for Scotland, contained in House of Commons Papers of the time - View

Peter McGill, Creebridge and Montreal: Born in Creebridge in the parish of Minnigaff Peter was a highly successful businessman and politician in Canada. Amongst other things, he was the first Mayor of City of Montreal - View

William B McQueen, Balmaclellan and Nebraska: The son of a shoemaker in Balmaclellan William went to Hay Springs in Nebraska in 1881. - View

Rev. Pearson McAdam Muir: Born at the manse, Kirkmabreck, became minister at Glasgow Cathedral and an author of note. - View

The Carlin's Cairn and Polmaddy Mill: A Tale of the days of Robert The Bruce. - View

Minnigaff Parish around the year 1725: Amongst the Macfarlane Manuscripts published by the Scottish History Society in 1906 is an interesting glimpse into the parish written around 1725. - View

Kirkpatrick Durham Parish around the year 1725: Amongst the Macfarlane Manuscripts published by the Scottish History Society in 1906 is an interesting glimpse into the parish written around 1725. - View

Samuel Brown, Ingleston Borgue and Queensland, Australia.: A large gravestone at Borgue Churchyard (188) records the family of Alexander Brown of Ingleston and later of Carleton. At least two of his sons went to Australia, John and Samuel. - View

The Anderson brothers of Kirkcudbright and Melbourne: The story of three Kirkcudbright brothers who were pioneer emigrants to the Melbourne area of Australia. - View

Captain John Muir, Grand Rapids and Creetown.: Hugh Muir, a Kirkmabreck shepherd, took his family to America in 1851 and settled in Kent County, Michigan. This is the story of the son John Muir who became a boat-builder and inland captain. - View

HARVEY B. HASELTON and JANE GIBSON.: Jane's parents were Samuel Gibson and his wife Margaret (Adamson). The Gibson family lived at Cockleaths in the parish of Buittle and the Adamson family lived at Hillowton, Crossmichael Parish. All their children were baptised at Buittle. - View

The Family of Robert McClellan, Meikle Knox, Buittle.: In June 1774 Robert and his family sailed from Kirkcudbright to New York aboard the ship "Golden Rule." They were pioneers in settling in Springfield on the Connecticut River. - View

Sketch of the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Castle Douglas: This history of the church appeared in the The Reformed Presbyterian magazine. Jan. 1855 - July 1858, 1862-76. - View

Woollen Manufactures of Dumfries, Maxwelltown, Lochfoot etc.: Published in 1869 this extract from the book The Industries of Scotland, by David Bremner. gives a good description of the mills etc in the Dumfries area at that time. - View

The Naming of Beeswing Village: How the village of Beeswing in New Abbey parish acquired it's peculiar name. - View

Mr Livingston of Barniewater: This rather pawky biography is taken from John Mactaggart's Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia published in 1824. - View

Rev William Hume of Urr Parish and Nashville, Tennessee.: This is a rather speculative claim that Rev. William Hume, a pioneer minister in Nashville, Tennessee was a native of Urr Parish... I think there is just enough for us to claim him though! - View

Rev. John Anderson of Kirkpatrick Durham and Madras: John Andreson was the first Presbyterian missionary to go to Madras where he is still remembered for the church and school he established there. - View