The People and Places of the Stewartry

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The Stewartry or County of Kirkcudbright: Chapter on the Stewartry from Scotland Described: or, a Topographical Description of all the Counties of Scotland, by Robert Heron, published in Edinburgh in 1797. - View

New Galloway: This article is extracted from the Topographical, Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland, Volume 1 published in Edinburgh in 1853, and gives a description of New Galloway in olden days. - View

The Real Story of Jeanie Deans: Written by John McDiarmid and published by him at Dumfries in 1830. - View

Suitability of Balcary Bay as a Deep Water Harbour: Copy of a report made relative to the Bay of Balcary, in the Solway Firth, and its suitability for development as a deep water harbour and railway terminus. - View

Roman Catholic Families - 1704.: Lists of Roman Catholic Families compiled in 1704. Several Stewartry Parishes listed. - View

The Laws and Acts Made in the First Parliament of King James VII: Lists of those commanded to raise taxes from the people of the Stewartry between 1689 and 1704. - View

Freeholders for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 1790: List of Freeholders for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright at made up at the meeting to chose their "Representative at the Parliamentof Great Britain" summoned to meet at Westminster the 10th of August 1790. - View

Land Tax Commissioners - 1836.: This page lists people who were appointed as Land Tax Commissioners, by act of Parliament, for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, in 1836. - View

Account of William Craik, Esq., of Arbigland.: This account of the life of local agriculturalist from Arbigland, Kirkbean Parish, is taken from the Farmer's Magazine published in 1811. - View

Electors in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright in 1812: This list is extracted from the View of the Political State of Scotland, at Michaelmas 1811, to which is added the results of the General Election in 1812. - View

Freeholders for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 1813: This list is extracted from the Edinburgh Almanack and Imperial Register for 1814 published late 1813. - View

Some Account of Billy Marshall, a Gypsey Chief: This item was a letter to the editor of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine April - September 1817. - View

The Highlands of Galloway - 1846.: From the book 'Autumnal Ramblings among the Scottish Mountains', by Rev. Thomas Grierson, minister at Kirkbean. Published in 1850. - View

The Churchyards of the Stewartry - Carsphairn: Published in the Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser on 7th February 1913, this article examines the people of the parish through it's monumental inscriptions. - View

The Society Holm: In the area of Bogue Farm are many strange names for some of the features. An explanation of some can be found here. - View

The Brownies Well: In the area of Bogue Farm are many strange names for some of the features. An explanation of some can be found here. - View

The "Court" Knowe: The story of a trial at Court Knowe, near Bogue farm. Taken from the book Lights and Shadows of Scottish Character and Scenery, by "Cincinnatus Caledonius" published in 1824. - View

Jean's Wa's: Jean's Wa's (Walls) are marked on the early maps on the banks of the Garple Burn. This is the story of Jean Gordon who lived there. - View

A Glance at Galloway and its Agriculture - Past and Present: This interesting article about past country life in Galloway is taken from the Journal of Agriculture July 1865 to April 1866. - View

Erection and Consecration of the Granite Union Masonic Lodge: As reported in The Freemasons’ Magazine And Masonic Mirror dated 18th April 1868, the Granite Union Lodge was erected in Dalbeattie on 10th March 1868. - View