The People and Places of the Stewartry

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Death of Mr John Dickson of Mudgee: John Dickson was a native of Borgue parish who died in Australia in 1871 aged 66. Three other brothers also went to the same area. - View

Telford's Bridge at Tongland: An account of the erection of the 'new' bridge at Tongland, designed and overseen by Thomas Telford. From the Gallovidian of 1911. - View

Opening of Kirkcudbright Creamery: Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser, 21st October 1921. - View

Odds and Ends: Remarks on the state of the town in February, 1882. (Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser) - View

William Thomson, of Kirkcudbright : Cobbler and Naturalist: Short article on this Kirkcudbright cobbler & naturalist, possibly the subject of Sir James Guthrie's painting of "Old Willie, the Village Worthy." - View

Centenary of Thomas Faed: Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser - May 21, 1926. - View

Reminiscences of the late John Faed, R.S.A.: Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser - 12th February, 1926. - View

Old Galloway Fairs and Trysts – Kirkcudbright.: During the summer of 1919 the Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser published a series of articles entitles "Old Galloway Fairs and Trysts" 4 of the articles related to Kirkcudbright, - View

Kidnapped: An incident of old-time Kirkcudbright. - View

By Gone Days in Auld Kirkcoobrie: (Galloway News, Nov. 1962) - View

Life in a Country School: and the 'Maister' Alexander Matheson (Galloway News, 25th November 1961) - View

Ozzy - James Osborne: Cabinet maker and undertaker. (Galloway News, 6th September 1959) - View

Kirkcudbright Characters: Galloway News, 29th November & 13th December 1958. - View

Jamie Weems: Chimney sweep & entertainer. (Galloway News 23rd November, 1957) - View

Memories of Kirkcudbright - The Old Harbour.: A series of five articles from the Galloway News written in 1951. - View

The Topographical, Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland, Vol 2: Published in 1856, these extracts deal with the parish of Kirkpatrick Durham. - View

1859/60 Valuation of the Parish of Kirkcudbright: The roll excludes property within the burgh of Kirkcudbright. - View

Kirkcudbright Valuation Roll, 1819: Valuation of the parish, excluding the burgh of Kirkcudbright in - View

Ancient Valuation Roll - Kirkcudbright: The earliest valuation of the parish I have been able to find is one undated, but which is certainly older than 1799. It was published along with a valuation in 1819 by way of justifying the land valuation at that time. - View

The Topographical, Statistical and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland, Vol 2: Published in 1856, these extracts deal with both the parish and royal burgh of Kirkcudbright. - View