The Parish of Kirkpatrick Durham

People and Places

Mr Watson Shennan of the Conical Hills and Puketio Stations, Otago, New Zealand By Combined article:
A native of Lairdlaugh, Kirkpatrick Durham, who became one of the first and most influential runholders in Central Otago, New Zealand. - View Page

Joseph Tait, of Kirkpatrick Durham and Toronto By Rev William Cochrane (Edit):
Joseph Tait was the son of John Tait, master blacksmith at Lochpatrick Smithy, a mile outside the village of Kirkpatrick Durham. This passage is from "The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; or, Success by example &c" published in 1891. - View Page

William Anderson, born in Kirkpatrick Durham, farmer in Kane County, Illinois. By Joslyn & Joslyn:
The story of a young man, born in Kirkpatrick Durham parish, who left to go to America. He settled in Illinois where he worked and saved, bought his own farm, and ran a dairy herd. - View Page

Rev. John Anderson of Kirkpatrick Durham and Madras By Hugh S Paterson:
John Andreson was the first Presbyterian missionary to go to Madras where he is still remembered for the church and school he established there. - View Page