The Parish of Kirkmabreck

People and Places

Autobiography of William K Sloan By William K Sloan:
Author was born at Creetown in 1833 and became a pioneer trader, crossing America several times in the days before the railway. - View Page

JOHN McNEY, of Livermore, Larimer County, Colorado (and Kirkmabreck) By Chapman Publishing:
JOHN McNEY has lived a life of excitement and adventure that has been equalled by few men. - View Page

Andrew McConchie Crawford, Creetown and Iowa By C.R. Aurner:
This article on the Crawford family appeared in the book Leading events in Johnson County, Iowa, published in 1913. - View Page

John Hannah of Creetown. Poet. By Samuel Rix:
Taken from a book of his poems; Posthumous Rymes, privately printed in 1854, this memoir tells a bit about his life. - View Page

Peter Gordon of Creetown and Knox County, Illinois By Chapman Brothers:
Peter emigrated to America and became a successful farmer in Knox County, Illinois. While there, he married Mary Ann McDowall Tait, who was also born in Kirkmabreck Parish. - View Page

Rev. Pearson McAdam Muir By unknown:
Born at the manse, Kirkmabreck, became minister at Glasgow Cathedral and an author of note. - View Page

Captain John Muir, Grand Rapids and Creetown. By A W Bowen & Co.:
Hugh Muir, a Kirkmabreck shepherd, took his family to America in 1851 and settled in Kent County, Michigan. This is the story of the son John Muir who became a boat-builder and inland captain. - View Page