Popish Parents And Their Children, Etc. 1701-1705

Among the means of restraining the growth of Popery, employed after the Revolution in 1688, under the authority both of the Church and the State, one which was expected to be most effectual, was an annual survey of the several parishes of Scotland, either by Commissioners named by the General Assembly, or by the ministers of such parishes as were actually planted, who were instructed to report to the Assembly or the Commission, or to the Provincial Synods, the names of all Papists (Roman Catholics) within their bounds, particularly Seminary Priests, Popish Schoolmasters, mistresses, and other pedagogues, and of those who sent their children to Popish Colleges in foreign countries; that all such particulars might be transmitted to the Privy Council by the General Assembly, with an earnest application for the vigorous execution of the laws against the enemies of the Reformation.

In March 1704 the General Assembly passed an "Act against Popery and Papists, and " for sending in their names to the Privy Council," in which Presbyteries are required to be particular in giving Lists, not only of all Papists within their bounds, but of all persons who entertain them, and of the places where they preach, and hear and say mass; and in furnishing the names and designations of all witnesses ; and in respect of the violence often offered to ministers who dealt with Papists to bring them off from their errors, the Commission are appointed to apply to the Government to protect from injury the ministers who undertake this work.

Whilst the original purpose for making these lists now seems outlandish, they do provide as with details of some Stewartry families from this early period.

Parish of Buittle.

John Maxuel in Breckonside, excommunicat.
John Davidson his servant appostat.
Barbara Maxuel relict of the deceased George Maxwell of Munchees appostat.
Margrat Smith, her servant.
George Maxuel of Munchees.
Kathrine Maxuel, his spouse.
William Maxuel, his son about 15 years of age now in France
George Maxuel his son about 14 years of age now in France.
James Maxuel his son about 8 years of age.
Barbara Maxuel his daughter about 12 years of age.
Kathrine Maxuel his daughter about 10 years of age.
John McGirr servant to the said George Maxuel appostat.
Mary Smith his servant.
Margt Wilson his servant.
Margt Tait his servant.
Robert Maxuel of Milltoune.
Francis Maxuel of Breoch.
Mary Maxuel his spouse.
Margt Maxuel his daughter about 6 years of age.
Barbara Maxuel spouse to Alexr Maxuel of Balmangan.
Edward Wilson Woodsetter of Burntstick.
Robert Wilson his son about 8 years of age.
Anna Wilson his daughter about 4 years of age.
Alexander Wilson his son about 2 years of age.
Robert Greecie tennant in Coole, appostat.
Janet Laurie his spouse.
James Greecie his son about 14 years of age.
John Greecie his son about 12 years of age.
Agnas Greecie his daughter about 20 years of age.
Margt Greecie his daughter about 10 years of age.
Thomas Coupland Cottar in Monchees appostat.
Agnas Thomson his spouse appostat.
George Coupland his son about 21 years of age.
William Coupland his son about 18 years of age.
John Coupland his son about 15 years of age.
Janet Coupland his daughter about 20 years of age.
Margt Coupland his daughter about 13 years of age.
Thomas Coupland his son about 10 years of age.
George Coupland Cottar in Monchees.
Mary Wilie his spouse.
William Coupland his son about 10 years of age.
James Coupland his son about 7 years of age.
Janet Coupland his daughter about 13 years of age.
Barbara Coupland his daughter about 5 years of age.
George Porter cottar in the Monchees.
Elri. Wilson his spouse.
Janet Porter his daughter about 12 years of age.
Alexander Porter his son about 10 years of age.
John Porter his son about 5 years of age.
James Wilson Cottar in the Monchees.
Marion Linzea his spouse appostat.
James Wilson his son.
Agnas Wilson his daughter.
James Corsbie Cottar in the Monchees.
Isobel Creistie his spouse appostat.
Andrew Corsbie his son.
Janet Corsbie his daughter.
Eliz. Maxuel relict of the deceased William Cowtart Cottar in Barlochan.
James Coutart her son.
David Maxuel Cottar in Orchardtown.
George Wilson Taylor appostat.
Barbara Weilie his spouse.
Robert Hanna his servant.
George Blair his servant appostat.
Margt Haigble in Orchardtowne appostat.
Robert Thomson her son.
Mary Grahm relict to the deceased John Gordon in Garden.
Janet Thomson her servant.
Thomas Coupland cottar in Buttle appostat.
Sarah Wilson his spouse appostat.
Nicolas Coupland spouse to George Knish Weaver.

Parish of Kelton

Eliz. Glendoning old Lady Gelstoune appostat.
Robert Maxuel her son mid laird of Gelstoune appostat.
George Maxuel aged about 22 years son to the said Robert.
William Maxuel his son aged about 12 years.
James Maxuel aged about 10 his son.
Mungo Maxuel his son aged about 4 years.
Eliz. Maxuel his daughter aged about 2 years.
Agnas Knish servitrix to the Laird of Gelstoune younger appostat.
Barbara Maxuel daughter to John Maxuel of Stagna Woodseter aged about 24 years.
John Cavine tennant in Dildan appostat.
Isobel Thomson his spouse.
Robert Cavin his son about 14 years of age.
Janet Cavine his daughter about 13 years of age.
John Cavine his son about 10 years of age.
Cavine his childe lately baptized by a priest.
Mary Thomson spouse to William Cavine in Dilldaun.
Barbara Thomson servitrix to the said William Cavine.
Eliz. Linzea relict of the deceasd Robert Kirk Woodseter of Lochducan.

Parish of Parton

Robert Glendoning Laird of Partoun.
Agnas Herris his Lady.
George Glendoning their son aged about 18 years of age.
James Murray of Conheath son in law to the said Laird of Partoune.
Agnas Glendoning his spouse they aleadging themselves to be maried and if true by a popish priest as is thought.
Harnel servitrix to the above said Partoune.
Mrs Agnas Gordon spouse to the Laird of Wachop Linzea younger in Crosmichel appostat.
Helen Broune spouse to Gavine Dumbar Commissar Clerk in Kirkcudbright who lays out herself to pervert her son William Dumbar about 11 years of age and tutors him not to attend on ordinances contrary to his inclination.
Margt Browne daughter to the deceast Laird of Nunntoune in Kircudbright.
Browne daughter to the deceast Laird of Nunntoun in Kircudbright also the youngest of each is about 30 years.
Maxuel Lady Nunntoune now spouse to Alexander Broune of Kempletoune in Twinam parioch.
Broune her son now in France about 17 years of age.
Broune her son also in Aberdeen.
Jean Yeaman spouse to Thomas Pegan in the parioch of Borg.

Parish of Urr

In Richorne.
John McKleduffe.
Margret McKleduffe his wife.
John Thomsone their servant.
Jannet Broun there.
Agnes Thomsone there.
Jennet Thomson spouse to John Walker.
Robert Darnan there.
Jannet Williamson his spouse.
David and Andrew Darnan their sones.
Margaret Forsyth there.
In Dalbeattie “beyond the Burn”
John Beck.
James Beck.
Jannet Clerk.
Margaret Beck.
Elspet Davidsone in Killerhill.
Bessie Mitchlesone.
Margaret Wilsone.
Margaret Wright.
John Wilsone.
In Dalbeattie “on this side of the Burn”
John Tait.
Agnes Davidsone his spouse.
Jannet Tait their daughter.
Mary Tait.
John Wilson.
Jean Wilson his sister.
Jannet Wilson his aunt.
John Black.
Margret Hannay his spouse.
Margret Black his sister.
John Black their sone.
Jannet Black their daughter.
Marry Smith.
Marry Hannay her daughter.
Georg Coupland.
Jannet Hannay his spouse.
Marry Davidsone.
Hellene Davidsone.
John Hannay.
Margret Davidson his spouse.
Margret and Jannet Hannays his daughters.
John Smyth.
Margaret Coupland his spouse.
Jannet Smyth their daughter.
Nicolas Wilsone.

Parish of Kirkbean

Elizabeth Maxwell relict of the deceased Robr Maxwell of Kirkhouse.
John Sturgeon laitly of Torrerie now tennent in Kirkbein.
Jannet Cousteine daughter to the deceased John Costine in Redbank who lives in the Leich Lady lands.
Barbara Wilsone her servitrix.
Parish of Terregles
William Earle of Nithsdale.
Countess of Nithsdale Elder and Younger.
Two young children of the said Earle.
John Maxwell called Major.
James Gordoun.
Edward Clerk.
Charles McGareuck.
Barbara Strauchan.
Isabel Daubie.
Jean Davidsone.
Mrs Straten.
Mrs Evens all servants in Nithsdales familie.
John Paen in Colledge.
Heugh Wright there.
Mary Herries there.
Jennet Wright apostate.
Janet Donaldsone.
Jean Dobie.
Jannet McMillan.
Jan : Mulligine.
Anna Mulligine.
Agnes Mulligine all in Tarreglestown.
Heugh Maxwel in Knockins.
Elizabeth Drummond his wife.
David Maxwell his son.
Agnes Maxwell his daughter.
Robert Patersone in Woodheid.
Marg. Carmichael there.
Mary More.
Magnas Gallaway.
William Irvine These four in Bowhouse.
Mary Irvine spouse to James Smith late Gardiner in Tarregles.

Parish of Kirkpatrick Durham

Robt Neilson Younger of Barnkyllie above 20 years.
Neilsone sister to the said Barnkyllie.
James Gordoun tennant and wedsetter of Kirkbryde. J
ames Gordoun his son aged about twentie.
Jennet Gordoun his daughter aged about 22.
Elizabeth Gordoun his daughter aged about 18.
Gordoun his daughter aged about 13.
Next protestant relations to the said James Gordoun are Rodger Gordoun of Trochend and James Gordoun of Achindolly.

Parish of Lochrutton

Katherine Morrore spouse to Frederick Maxwell in Barnbackle.
Isabel Lorimer.

Parish of Colvend

Mary Jellie spouse to Wm Lindsay of Wachop.
John Learmont servant there.
Barbara Herris in Barnbarrach aged 26.
Edward Kaims there.
Agnes McMorrie there.
Andrew Pearson there.
Agnes Pearson there.
Marion Maxwell there.
John Herris in Achnshein.
John Herris his son aged 19.
Barbara Herris his daughter aged 20.
Jannet Herris his daughter aged 14.
Nicolas Bell.
Jannet Clure.
Thomas Williamsone.
Jean Thomsone.
Constance Lindsay.
David Williamsone.
Jannet Morrisone.
John Williamsone.
Parish of New Abbey
James Maxwell Laird of Kirkonnel.
William Maxwell his brother.
Elizabeth Durham his mother.
Marion Maxwell sister to the deceast Laird of Kirkonnel.
Agnes Maxwell sister to James Maxwell of Kirkonnel.
Bettie Maxwell sister to the said Laird.
Margaret Wright servetrix there.
Isabel Fordice servetrix there.
James Fleeming servant there aged 12 a vagrant person formerly now educate popish by them.
Eliz Irvine spouse to Tho. Maxwell tennant in Aird of Kirkonnel.
Agnes Maxwell his daughter aged 14.
Wm Maxwell his son aged 12.
Mary Maxwell his daughter aged 10.
James Maxwell his son aged 8.
Lucie Maxwell his daughter aged 6.
Eliz. Maxwell his daughter aged 4.
Marg. Sturgeon servitrix there.
Wm Fleeming in Buss of Kirkonnel tennant.
Elspeth Fleeming his daughter aged 18.
John Fleeming his son aged 14.
Marion Rig there.
Elspeth Rig servetrix there.
Jannet Corson spouse to John Allan in tounhead of Kirkonnel tennant.
John Allan his son aged 12.
Eliz. Allan his daughter aged 11.
Esther Allan his daughter aged 9.
Wm Allan his son aged 3.
Eliz. Ridge daughter to John Ridge tennant in Kirkonnel.
Agnes Ridge his daughter aged 4.
Jean Ridge aged an year and half.
Robert Corson tennant there.
Jen : Fleeming his wife.
John Corson his son aged 6.
James Corson his son aged 4.
Agnes Corson his daughter aged 2.
Jen. Henry mother to the said Robert Corson.
Helen Corson his sister aged 25.
George Miller servant there.
Katherine Ridge daughter to John Ridge Elder tennant.
Jannet Ridge his daughter aged 15.
James Maxwell servant there.
James Ridge tenant in Greenmerss.
John Ridge his son aged 16.
George Ridge his son aged 6.
James Ridge his son aged 12.
Eliz. Ridge his daughter aged 10.
Agnes Ridge his daughter aged 8.
Nicholas Ridge his daughter aged 2.
Jannet Wright there.
John Ridge tennant there.
Marion Ridge his daughter aged 12.
James Ridge his son aged 6.
John Lotimer Herd to the Laird of Kirkonnel.
James Lotimer his son aged 12.
Agnes Irvine spouse to John Morison in Kirkonnel.
Herbert Lewars son to John Lewars elder in Kirkonnel.
John Patterson tennant to the Laird of Kirkonnel.
Agnes Wright his spouse.
Nicholas Paterson his daughter aged 14.
William Maxwell in Drimly of Kirkonnel.
Jean Maxwell there.
John Kaird servant to Robert Aitkin in Kirkonnel.
Jennet Roddan daughter to Dugald Roddan in Kirkonnal.
Sarah Carlile in Newabby.
Marg. Edger there.
Robt Lewars tennant to the Laird of Shambillie.
Agnes Carruthers his wife.
Andrew Lewars his son aged 13.
Jean Lewars his daughter aged 12.
John Corson tennant in Lochhill.
Marg. Bell his wife.
Eliz. Corson his daughter aged 18.
Agnes Corson his daughter aged 12.
Marion Corson aged 12.
Marg. Corson aged 3.
Rachel Corson his daughter.
Nicholas Maxwell of Litle Bar.
The next protestant relation is
Agnes Maxwell her sister.

Parish of Troqueer

George Maxwell of Carruchen.
Margaret Stewart his spouse ane apostate.
Agnes Lindsay Carruchens mother.
Robert Henrey Agnes and Maxwells his children The last not baptised as we are informed.
John Wright servant there.
All these in Carruchen.

Margaret Crocket, John Ferguson her son.
John Wright Barbara Carlyll his spouse.
Margaret, Mary, Isobell, Agnes Wrights their children.
Thomas Caird & Janet Pain his wife.
James & Jannet Cairds children
Elizabeth Card servetrix.
William Gladstaines.
All tennants in the toun of Carruchen.

Robert Wright, Jannet Wright his spouse are apostate.
Isabell Wright servitrix.
Isobell Crocket, Elizabeth Crockat her daughter.
John Wright & Elizabeth Wright his daughter.
Marion Tinning are apostate.
Jannet Maxwell, Jannet Glassen, Jannet Robert and John Edgars, children of the said Jannet Glassens.
John Kennan Joseph Barbara Lucy and Mary Kennans his children, John Kennan servant there.
William Wright & William Carlile his good son.
Jannet Wright the said William Wrights daughter.
James Edgar Robert William Edgars his children.
James Ridge & Jannet Wright his spouse.
John James Clement & Jannet Ridges his children.
Margaret Wright & Jannet Adam her daughter.
Robert Wright and Marion Ridge his spouse.
Thomas Eman, Marion Card, Janet Lotimer younger Jannet Lotimer elder with Isobel Wright
All these tennants and cottars in the town of Cargan.

James Irving.
Margaret Irving his spouse.
John Logan servant there.
Agnes Carlyle spouse to James Laurie.
John Rigg.
Marion and James Rigg his children.
James Caruthers.
Jannet Crichton his spouse apostate.
John and James Caruthers their children.
Jean Slowan spouse to Andrew Wood.
Thomas Caruthers.
Jannet Crow his spouse.
George and Mary Caruthers children.
David Rigg.
Catharine Caruthers his spouse.
Jannet McLagan.
Isobel and Marion Sturgeons her children.
Marion Rigg relict of John Wright.
John Carlylle.
Marion Wright his spouse.
Robert, Jannet, William, Mary & Agnes Carlilles children.
Jannet Rigg.
William Card, Barbary Hutton
Nicolas Card.
All these tennants and cottars in Mabie.

Robert Slowan in Drungans ane apostate.
Jannet Irving Ladie Teraughtie ane apostate.
Marion Irving her sister ane apostate.
William, Alexr, Halbert, Lucie, Rachell Maxwells children to the said Terauchtie and two young children more.
Barbara Kennan spouse to Robert Herris in Bridgend of Dumfries.

These lists were published by the Maitland Club, Edinburgh, in 1843.