The Laws and Acts Made in the First Parliament of Our Most High and Dread Sovereign James VII,

published in Edinburgh by Andrew Anderson, 1685-1707.

ACT for raising Four Months Supply
April 27. 1689

For as much as the Estates of this Kingdom finding it necessary, as well for the Security of the Protestant Religion, as for the common Safety and Defence of the Kingdom, against Foreign Invasions, and Intestine Insurrections, that a competent Number of Forces be raised and kept up with in the same; They have Ordained certain Troops of Horse to be Levied from the several Shires, and upon the voluntary Offers of sundry Noblemen and Gentlemen, Have given Warrant for Levying some Regiments of Foot, and Troops of Horse and Dragoons ; and seeing these Forces canna be kept up and maintained, without a considerable Charge and Expense; And the Cess imposed by all former Acts, being now extinct, and not due in time-coming ; Therefore the saids Estates in this Juncture, Do Ordain the Sum of Two hundred and eighty eight thousand Pounds Scots, to be raised and uplifted from the Shires and Burghs of this Kingdom, at the Term of Whitsunday next, according to the Proportions imposed upon each Shire and Burghs by the Act of Convention of Estates in the year 1667. And for the effectual and speedy inbringing of the said Imposition, The Estates do Nominate and Appoint, the persons after-named, to be Commissioners within the respective Shires, for Ordering and Uplifting of the same, viz..

For the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
The Viscount of Kenmure,
Richard Murray of Brughtoun,
Hugh Mcguffock of Rusco,
Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun,
William Gordon of Shiremure,
Adam Newal of Barskeoch,
Andrew Herron of Kirrochtree,
Patrick Murdoch of Cumloaden,
Robert Brown of Carsluith,
David Mculloch of Ardwel,
Edward Maxwell of Hills,
Robert Grierson of Dalskeith,
William Gordon of Craig,
William Mcgie of Balmagie,
Thomas Grierson of Bargatten,
Murray of Kevens,
JohnEwart of Mulloch,
John Carson of Balmangan,
Alexander Brown of Kempletoun,
the Magistrats of Kirkcudbright,
and Rodger Gordon of Torquhen.

And in another dated June 7th 1690 the following were commanded to raise funds likewise.

For the Stewartryof Kirkcudbright.
The Earl of Galloway,
the Viscount of Kenmuir,
Rodger Gordon of Troquhen,
Robert Gordon of Shimuir,
Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun,
William Gordon of Holm,
David Kennedy of Knocknaline,
Adam Newal of Barskeoch,
Lieutenant-Colonel William Gordon of Craig,
Major James Maxwell of Glenlair,
Edward Maxwell of Hills,
Samuel Maxwell of Newlae,
John Gordon of Kirkconnel,
Alexander Brown of Kempletoun,
John Neilson of Carsoch,
Hugh Mackguffock of Rusco,
David Makculloch of Ardwell,
Robert Brown of Carsluith.
George Stuart of Tondergie,
Andrew Herring of Kirroughtrie,
Patrick Murdoch of Comlodan,
John Ewart of Mulloch,
Sir Robert Maxwell of Orchertoun,
Murray of Cavens,
William Mcghie of Balmaghie,
John MacKie of Palgowine,
John Grieir of Dalskerth,
Mackculloch of Bacholm,
Samuel Hanna of Kirkdale,
the Provost of Kirkcudbright for the time,
Patrick Dumbar of Machirmoir,
John Fullertoun of Auchinhae,
Johu Corsan of Balmangine
the Earl of Nithsdales Baillie for the time,
Robert Mackleland of Boreness,
Thomas Alexander Factor to the Estate of Baldoon,
James. Lidderdale of Isle,
William Lindsay of Mains,
Charles Murray of Barrinhurrie,
the Laird of Kirkhouse,
John Charters of Barncleugh,
the Laird of Netherwood,
John Irvine of Drumcoltran,
Maxwell of Arkland,
Hugh Maxwell of Cuill,
David Dumbar of Machrimore,
Cairns elder of Torrie,

And June 20th 1695

For the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
James Earl of Galloway,
Lord Bazile Hamilton,
Patrick Horron of Kirrachtrie,
John Mackie of Palgown,
Alexander Mackie younger. of Palgown,
Mackculloch of Bareholm,
William Muir tutor of Cassincarrie,
William Gordon of Schirmoirs,
Robert Gordon of Garerie,
James Gordon of Largmoir,
Robert Gordon of Airds,
William Maxwell younger of Newlands,
Robert Macklellan of  Barmagaleim,
Charles Macklellan of Cullin,
Andrew Corsan of Balmagan,
Grier of Dalscerth.

August 5th 1704

For the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
The Earl of Galloway,
the Viscount of Kenmure,
Mr John Gordon of Greenlaw,
Sir Robert Grierson of Lagg,
Sir George Maxwell of Orchartoun,
Patrick Murdoch of Comloddan,
Patrick Herren of Bargaly,
William Muir of Cassincary
Robert Brown of Carsluith,
Samuel Hanna of Kirkdale,
John Maculloch of Barholm,
Samuel Mackdoual of Glen,
Alexander Murray of Brughton,
William Maxwell of Cardiness,
David Mackculloch of Arduel,
Hugh Mackguffock of Rusco,
William Mackguffock younger of Rusco,
Ephraim Macklellan of Barmagachin,
James Gordon of Largmore,
John Carsan of Balmangan,
Nathaniel Gordon of Carletoun,
Alexander Brown of Kempletoun,
John Gordon of Kirkconnel,
Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun,
Robert Gordon of Garvery,
William Kennedy of Knockreoch,
Adam Newal of Barskeoch,
William Gordon of Holm,
William Gordon of Skirmers,
John Neilson of Corsack,
William Craick of Duchra,
Samuel Brown of Mollans,
Roger Gordon of Troquhain,
James Gordon younger of Troquhain,
Charles Macklellan of Collin,
Robert Macklellan of Barkly,
the Provost of Kirkcudbright,
James Gordon of Campbeltoun,
William Herries of Mabee,
Robert Maxwell of Haselfield,
William Lindsay of Mains,
Robert Maxwell younger of Hills
John Sharp of Hoddam,
Adam Craick of Arbigland,
Robert Johnstoun of Keltoun,
William Coupland of Collistoun,
James Mackadam of Waterhead,
William Young of Auchinskeoch,
Edward Gaudie of Craigmay,
William Greerson of Bargatton,
William Stuart of Shambelly,
Dr Murray portioner of Cavens,
John Brown of Nunland,
Mungo Linsay younger of Wachop,
Charles Murray of Barnhurrie,
Mr Andrew Ewart of Mulloch minister of Kells,
William Lawrie of Barnsoul,
Alexander Stuart younger of Tannergie
Mr John Brown factor to the estate of Baldoon