This list is extracted from the Edinburgh Almanack and Imperial Register for 1814 published late 1813. Prior to the 1832 Reform Act only Freeholders were qualified to vote county representation at the Houses of Parliament. A Freeholder was a man who was a landowner with property worth at least  £400 Scots valued rent.

Roll of Freeholders of Scotland as certified by the Clerks of the respective counties, at Michaelmas 1813.


Sir David Maxwell of Cardoness, B.
Geo. Maxwell of Carruchan
David Blair of Borgue
Peter Johnston of Carnsalloch
Adam T. Mure of Muncruig
Maj. John Ross of Cairnbrock
Wm. Stewart of Shambelly
Horatius Cannan of Barlae
Well. Maxwell of Barncleuch
John Spalding of Killochy
John Martin of Kilwhanidy
Eben. Shaw of Drumrash
Sir W. Miller of Glenlee, B.
Sir A.M.M'Kenzie of Delvin, B.
John Gordon of Carleton
John Maxwell of Terraughty
James Douglas of Orchardton.
Rev. Dr. David Lamont
John Gordon of Kenmore
J. McMichan of M. Furthead
Ram. Hannay of Bardristane
Sir A. Gordon of Culvennan.
H. Gordon of Threave Grange
John Feron of Ingleston
D. Anderson of St. Germains
James Anderson of Lincluden
Samuel Anderson, banker
Robert Anderson, merchant
John Anderson. W.S.
Hugh Stewart of Gategill
Wm. McCaa of Barnshalloch
And. M'Dowall of Logan
R. A. Oswald of Auchencruive
Wm. Forbes of Callander
John McCulIoch of Barholm
S.M.Fullarton of Bartonholm.
Thomas Goldie of Craigmuie
William Hamilton, merchant, Sanquhar
James Hannay of Blairinnie
D. H. Craik of Arbigland
Wm. Gordon of Campbeltown
Alex. Gordon of Argrennan
Hon. W. Stewart of Corlae
Wm. Irving of Gribton
James Gordon of Culvennan
Wm. Ireland of Barbey
Samuel Douglas of Crae
Hon. C. Stewart of Holm
D. Maxwell, jr., of Cardoness
Lt.-col. C. Maxwell of Laggan
Walter Boyd of Kinharvie
John Costin of Glenson
A. Maxwell, j. of Terraughty
J.M. McCulloch of Ardwall
Pat. Campbell of Queenshill
Arch. Ewart of Mullock
Maj. R.N. Dunbar of Machermore
Wm. Birtwhistle of Barharrow
Lt.-col. Gordon of Balmaghie
T. Crichton of Auchenskeoch
Hon. M.G.J. Stewart of Grennan
John Napier of Mollance
James Napier of Waterside
Wm. Porter of Troquhain
M.C. Maxwell of Nithsdale
David Blair, jr., of Borgue
Robert Hannay of Ruscoe
W.P.M. Herries of Spottes
Rev J.G. Maitland of Fairgirth
Sir J. Graham of Netherby, B.
Wm. Philip Inge of Thorp
Maj.-gen. Dunlop of Dunlop
Col. Sir J.S. Heron of Heron
James McKie of Bargally
Alex. Blair of Auchenreoch
Lt.-col. Goldie of Mochrum
D. McColloch of Torrhouskie
Wm. Bushby of Kirkmichael
J.M. Gordon of Drumlayne
Pat. Stewart of Cairsmuir
Wm. Douglas of Almorness
James Nish of Barlochan
Hon. Sir E Crofton of Mote, B.
Hon. Edw. Rich. Stewart
Hon. James H.K. Stewart
Hon and Rev G. Rushout
Alex. Melville of Barquhar
John Kirkpatrick of Bogrie
W. Mure of Twynholm Mains
Wm. M. Porter of Blairinnie
Alex. Reid of Kirkennan
Sir J. Shaw of Polmadie, B.
And. Livingston of Airds
G. Manual of Nunland Mains, life-renter and John Clark, Nunland, fiar
Maj. J. Culton of Auchnabony
Gilbert Young of Youngfield
Alex. K. Clark of Knockgray
Richard Howat of Mabie
A. Maitland of Dundrennan
Dav. Kennedy of Knocknalling
James Kennedy of Culfad
R. Whigham of Hallidayhill
Sir J. Hall of Dunglass, B.
Wm. Anderson, writer, Edinb.
Dr. John Walker, physician
John Bell of Gribdie
Sir C. Halket of Pitferran, B.
J.Commelin late of Net. Balfier
Robert Gordon of Auchendolly
Edward Boyd of Mertonhall
Robert Forbes of Strangassel
Sir J. Montgomery of Stanhope, B.
Robert Welsh pf Collin
J. D. W. Gordon of Nether Campduddell
Thos. Miller, jr. of Glenlee
And. Wedderburn. Merchant, London
Ebenezer Drew of Auchenhay
R. Skirving of N. Kilquhanidie
Samuel Thomson of Forrest
Rob. Hannay, jr. of Blairinnie
John McKie, jr. of Bargally
Thomas Corrie of M. Culloch
Alex. Murray of Broughton
James Niven of Glenarm
David Blair of Blackcraig
Edward Fletcher of Corsock
W.B. Laurie of Redcastle
R. Fergusson Cutler of Orroland
R. Milligan of Little Furthhead
Sam. Gordon of Lochdougan
W. Corrie jr. of Dunrod
Dr. A. Wylie of Over Laggan
Thomas Goldie of Goldielee
Jas. Napier jr., of Mollance
T. Maitland jr. of Dundrennan
W. Rose Robertson, advocate
A. Watson jr. of Bridge Castle
D. Anderson jr. of St. Germains
Robert Ainslie of Edingham
Major General J Dunlop, M.P.