The Parish of Girthon

People and Places

Samuel Heron of Girthon and Canada By unknown:
Andrew Heron was the son of Samuel Heron Samuel was baptised 22nd September 1768 at Girthon Parish. His parents were Andrew Heron and Janet Connel. - View Page

John Murray Carnochan of Gatehouse - Surgeon. By unknown:
Taken from the Cyclopaedia of American Biography, published in 1922. Successful New York surgeon with roots in Gatehouse. - View Page

William Irving of Gatehouse-of-Fleet and Montpelier, Idaho. By unknown:
William Irving was born in Gatehouse in either 1843 or 1845. His father died when he was young and, along with his mother, he went to Utah, then Idaho. - View Page

Autobiographical Notes By Thomas Murray:
Murray was the author of the Literary History of Galloway. His biographical notes were published by DGNH&AS in 1910 and give a fascinating insight into life here in the late 18th & early 19th centuries. - View Page

Mr Livingston of Barniewater By John Mactaggart:
This rather pawky biography is taken from John Mactaggart's Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia published in 1824. - View Page

The Gatehouse Granny and the Wag at the Wa' By Harry Lauder:
Harry Lauder, the musichall entertainer travelled around the rural areas of Scotland performing in small venues. On one of his tours he stayed with an elderly couple in Gatehouse of Fleet. He tells about them in his autobiography. - View Page