The Parish of Borgue

People and Places

Joseph Dick By David R Collin:
This is the interesting story of Joseph Dick, one time lighthouse keeper on Ross Island. - View Page

Isabella Halliday By unknown:
The story of some hard times in Borgue around 1819. - View Page

Gilbert Malcolm Sproat By unknown:
Gilbert Sproat was born 19 April 1834 at Brighouse Farm, Borgue, son of Alexander Sproat, farmer, and Hectorine Shaw. - View Page

John Mactaggart, Author, Poet and Engineer. By D H Edwards (Publishers):
Author of "The Gallovidian Encyclopedia" John was born in Borgue parish, went to Canada as an engineer, and was an author and poet. - View Page

The Sufferings of a Covenanter: Robert McLellan of Barmagachan. By Rev. Robert Wodrow:
Barmagachan was one of the banished Covenanters sent to America on board the 'slave' ship of George Scot, Laird of Pitlochry, in 1685. This is his story. - View Page

Samuel Brown, Ingleston Borgue and Queensland, Australia. By unknown:
A large gravestone at Borgue Churchyard (188) records the family of Alexander Brown of Ingleston and later of Carleton. At least two of his sons went to Australia, John and Samuel. - View Page