The Parish of Kirkbean

People and Places

John Paul Jones Bi-centenary Celebrations 1947 By unknown:
Illustrated brochure to record of the visit paid to the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright by a small party from the United States Navy in celebration of his birth. - View Page

Account of William Craik, Esq., of Arbigland. By unknown:
This account of the life of local agriculturalist from Arbigland, Kirkbean Parish, is taken from the Farmer's Magazine published in 1811. - View Page

James Craik - Surgeons General By James M. Phalen:
The history of James Craik, born at Arbigland, fried and physician to President George Washington, is contained in the website of the U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of Medical History. - View Page

John Campbell, Kirbean's other "Admiral of the Fleet" By unknown:
Kirkbean's most famous son, John Paul Jones, was not the only young man from there to have a successful career in the navy. This is John Campbell's story - View Page