Amongst the Macfarlane Manuscripts published by the Scottish History Society in 1906 is an interesting glimpse into the parish written around 1725. Details of the roads through and around the parish are given. It's not clear who the author is, but it may have been the minister at that time, Rev. James Hill, who was parish minister from 1699 to 1743. (Although mention is made of a map, this was not published.)

Kirkpatrick Durham Parish around the year 1725

Cella Patricij or Kilpatrick of the Moor called also Kilpatrick Durham, as is reported, because many of that name were in it, though there is none now of that antient stock there, lyes in the Stuartry of Kirkcudbright Presbetry and Commissariot of Drumfreis, being on the border of the Presbytry and Commissariot.

It is seven miles in length from bridge of Urr to Blackmark North. Whitenook is also in it, and these two are closs upon Dunscoir which is in Nithsdale. Eastward of Blackmark Dunscore jetts out somewhat further southward half a mile or more for it joins Killpatrick at Mule well.

Kilpatrick is at any place two miles broad, terminated on the south by Crossmichaell (in which Achindullie is,) on the West by Parton and then by Bamaclellan ; on the North by Dunscore and a very narrow point of Holywood in Nithisdale at Mulewell, where also Irongray touches it and goes on terminating it on the east, then the paroch of Urr touches it and crosses the Edin’r road about a mile or more north of easter Morwhirn, the paroch of Urr continues to terminate Kilpatrick doun on the east side to the water of Urr.

Mulewell is of the nature of merkland well in Lochrutton but little resorted to. It lyes on the west of the Ed’r road a mile north of Mule there is a large stone at it.

The church of Kilpatrick is nine miles from New Galloway, 13 from Kirkcudbright, 11 miles from Drumfreis, five from Portenkirk, eight from that of Bamaclellan, twelve from Glencairn, nine from Irongray and Terreglis, and seven large from that of Lochrutton, 4 from Kirkgunneron, 8 from Cowend, 5 from Butle, 2 from Urr, almost six from Kelton, 3 from Crossmichael churches.

Kilpatrick church is distant from Miltoun of Urr thre full miles, from Carlingwork five miles.
From Cristell mountain (on the eastside of which near the foot of it lyes the church of New Abbay) 9 miles.
from Skreel a tract of mountains 7 miles.
from Cairns muir to a large mountain in Munigaff running south and north 18 miles.
from Black craig of Dunscoir eight miles, from Blackcraig of Kells eleven miles.
From Hogghill (on the northeast side of which lyes Terreglis church) nine miles.
Carlingwork is almost a mile north of Kelton Kirk and is marked A in the map.
Auchinreoch in Urr is a large mile from Kilpatrick.
Grange on Urr lyes a quarter of a mile below the bridge of Urr just on the water almost.
Mollence is not marked in the map. It lyes in Cross Michael about ¾ of a mile from the bridge a very litle to the east of the meridian line from Kilpatrick church.
Auchindollie in Crossmichael about 1½ mile from Kilpatrick church.
Glenlair in Parton about two miles.
Corsack there betwixt two and three.
Cergo in Ba McClellan about four.
Larg in Urr large 2½ mile.

The Rooms that follow are within the paroch and distant from the church.

Bridge of Urr or Nether Killiewhannedie 1 large mile.  

Bridge of Urr or Nether Killiewhannedie
1 large
Over Killie Whannedie
1 large
Nether Bar
Over Bar
4 mile
White Nook
Black mark
Almost 4
East Marwhirn
Almost 1

Bennon Hill (Its part in Kilpatrick & Part in Irongray

4 large
The water of Urr or Orr comes out of Loch whirr about 8 mile and ½ from Kilpatrick church. A part of Glencairn terminates that Loch on the north Ba mclelland and Dunscore on the other sides.

The water of Urr is no large river. It is repute every wher 12 miles distant from Dumfries, but that is not at all exact. It enters the sea, dividing Cowend and Bille.

N.B. the bearings of the several places above, will be known by the map sent herewith. The radius of the circle is a scale of eleven miles.

The way from Edinburgh to Kirkcudbright comes by Penpont, Glencairn, then Gairistoun (about two miles and an half north of Mule.) then to the Mule through gate betwixt Mule and Margloly in Irongray thence south through Kilpatrick Mure called the Galagate thence to the church, thence to bridge of Urr, to Carlingwork &c.

From Dumfreis to New Galloway ther is a way by Shawhead, Lochinkit, Knock'droket in Nether Bar near Crogo Trowhern &c.

The droves of cattle coming from New Galloway to England come by Trowhen, Knockdoket then a litle north of Lochinkit till they come to Gal'gate and then follow it southward till within about half a mile of Easter Marwhirn, and so on to Larg and then to Dunfreis &c.

The best way but somewhat longer from Dumfreis to New Galloway is by Lochruttongate near the church, Miltoun of Urr, Kilpatrick church, Kilwhamedy, Parton, Shirmers, New Galloway.

From Dumfreis to Kirkcudbright the way is by Miltoun, Grange, Bridge of Urr, Carlingwork &c. But if the water be litle, the nearer way is by Miltoun, Haugt Carlingwork &c ., this is most patent for coaches and carts and nearer.

Ther is a loch in Lochinkit that produces trouts, two small ones in Ariming.

The Black loch almost half a mile long a mile north of the church a less one ¼ of a mile long, a quarter of a mile from the church on the west of the Ed’r road. These two produce a fish here called Gedds.

There is a loch of about a mile long that separates Barnkylie and Laird louge north of it from Auchinreoch the road from Dumfreis is ¼ mile south of the Loch, this loch hath gedds in it.

The water of Urr hath salmons and trouts but not many, hath a stone bridge of two arches at Nether Kellie hanned a ruinous timber bridge at Corsack.

About a mile south of Blackmark begins a brook comes winding down an half quarter of a mile to the east of Over Bar thence south to Nether Bar where it turns westward into Urr. Its oft unpassable.

Eastward about half a mile betwixt Bar and Lochinkit comes southward from the hills Kirklebride burn, and when it is a mile below Lochinkit turns westward to the water of Urr midway betwixt Kirklebride and Nether Bar. It hath on it a stone bridge of one arch betwixt the church and Nether Bar.

There is another brook that arises in the mure, runs on the west side of Easter Marwhirn, thence takes a compass westward and turns eastward again to Barnkylie which stands just on the brink of it toward Drumfreis. It goes down from Barnkylie and without any remarkable turns, enters Urr at Haugh an half mile above the church of Urr. Its very rare that this brook is unpassable betwixt Kilpatrick and Dumfreis even in great rains.

There were readers in Kilpatrick after the Reformation the first minister was one Mr Douglass afterward Mr Adam Broun deposed November 3, 1656 by the Presbotrie for a great number of impudencies & reviling his brethren protesting the Presbytrie were malicious. Mr Gabriel Sempill was ordained there May 26 1657 turned out with others in 1661.

Mr Stark a very vicious man succeeded him, and sometime after removed to some other place. Mr Alex’r Sangster succeeded (I know not if immediatly) and continued to the Revolution, when Mr Sempill returned but was soon transported to Jedburgh. Mr William English was ordained there 1693 or 94, transported to Kilspindy 1698. Mr James Hill was ordained there May 30. 1699.

It hath examinable persons 600 or above was a mensal church of the Bishop of Ed’r. who got 500 merks of the stipend, which is now by decreet of locality bestowed on the minister, the whole being £863 3s. 4d.

His Majesty now is undoubted Patron.

The most part of the Paroch is divided into the 50 merkland and 20 pound land. The first is a barony wherof Nithisdale was superior and his son is, and proprietor still of a considerable part of it. But this Barony payed a feu or tack teynd to the Bishop of Ed’r. now to his Majesty. Its said the twenty pound land belonged to or held of the Abbacy of Dundrenan, afterward held of, and payed feu to the Bishop of Dunblane. It pays it now to his Majesty.

The most antient and honorable family in the paroch were the McNaughts of Killwhanned, But that family seems now extinct, the heir of it a worthy gentleman by the debts on the fortune and a liferentrix that eat out the remainder (being married a 2d time) being obliged to go to America. This estate held of the King formerly as well as now, and some few others.

Turners Kirkland held formerly of the Abbot of Sweetheart but now of the minister as it did also in the time of Prelacy.

The heretors of any consideration now residing in the paroch are Maxwell of Arkland and Neilsone of Barnkylie.

The church of Kilpatrick seems by an hollow stone fixed in the wall at the church door for holy water as appears to have been built in time of popery. A little steeple was added afterwards then the Isle built in Mr Sempils time, his sermons were resorted to from other places.

There are the vestiges of an old chappell and churchyard in Ariming nothing further is known of it.

Upon the Ed’r. road a litle south of Mule but within Irongray is a large stone like a table, on which were placed the elements when Mr John Welsh administred the sacrament there in the time of Prelacy.

About a mile N. from Easter Marwhirn to the East of the Ed’r road a litle space, on the east side of Bawds-Know ly interred 4 of these called Whiggs and ther names inscribed on an tombstone, they were found by Captain Bruce and a party of horse, 2 others were wounded, they being six in whole, and hanged next day at Irongray. Baudsknow is within Urr in Larg.

On the 17 day of March yearly is Patricks mass fair held at the church.

At the Bridge of Urr within Kilpatrick there is the priviledge of a weekly market and a fair the day of the Rood fair in Dumfreis and another the day before the Candlemass fair there, others have been much in desuetude but are now begun to be revived.

Thus I have given an exact account of this paroch so far as I know and for want of more memorable things, inserted some things of small consequence you may take or omit what you see fitt, you have the true situation of places as to the points & the miles as commonly reputed to be from Kilpatrick.

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