Valuation Roll for Buittle Parish, 1855 - 56.

Reproduced below is the earliest of the modern type valuations of the parish, held within the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh.  The roll is in manuscript, entered into a pre-printed ledger. It only lists properties with an annual valuation of £4.00 or over, so some of the smaller houses in Palnackie, and cottars houses on some of the estates, are not shown. 




Farm of Breoch Francis Maxwell James Grierson
Breoch Cottage & Field -do- James Colvin
Farm of Calside Robert McKnight John & William McRobert
Farm of Cloneshank -do- John & William McRobert
Farm of Corsencaven -do- John Mein
Loch Parks -do- Thomas Wilson
Loch Parks -do- John Black
Mills -do- Henry Wilson
Barlochan Farm -do- Robert McKnight
Mansion House, Barlochan -do- Robert McKnight
Store at Palnackie -do- Robert McKnight
Farm of Milton Admiral Pennel William Halliday
Farm of Cuil Sir Robert Abercrombie John Rain
Farm of Little Knox -do- James Mitchell
Mansion House, Munches Mrs C.H. Maxwell Wellwood Maxwell
Farm of Munches Mains -do- Wellwood Maxwell
Farm of Toul -do- Wellwood Maxwell
Farm of Breckoniehill -do- William Moffat
Farm of Butterhole -do- George Marchbank
Farm of Claycroft -do- John McQuhae
Farm of Old Buittle -do- James & Robert Armstrong
Farm of New Buittle -do- Archibald Marchbank
Farm of Barsyard -do- James Gordon
Farms of Boghall and Kirkstyle -do- Rev. J.R. Grant
Farm of Cullinaw -do- Robert Gibson
Farm of Barchain -do- George Muirhead
Farm of Corra Mrs J.A.S. Skinner Jas. Gordon, Caigton
Farm of Scroggiehill & others Alexander Kerr Alexander Kerr
Mansion House, Kirkennan Robert Weems Robert Weems
Farm of Broomiebrae -do- John Brydson
Farm of Clone, now Kirkland (sic) -do- Robert Milligan
Farm of Court Hill -do- John Wallace
Grass Lands of Kirkennan -do- Robert Wilson
Field -do- John Wallace
Field -do- Samuel Wilson
Farm of Logan James Findlay James Hutchieson
Farm of Castlegower Mrs Kirwan, Gelston Castle Thomas & Dundas Helms
Pendicle at Castlegower
James Pattie
Farms of Caigton & Flock Trustees of Mrs Mathilda Douglas James Grierson
Farm of Nethertown Mrs Mary Robinson of Almorness John Sproat
Farm of South Glen -do- Andrew McEwan
Farm of Park -do- Andrew McEwan
Farms of North Glen and Holm -do- James & Alexander Coltart
Farm of Orchardton Mains -do- Samuel Louden
Farm of Isle -do- John Mein
Farm of Clonyard -do- John McRobert
Pendicle at Clonyard -do- Andrew Thomson
Farm of Lochhill -do- Mrs. Hunter
Farm of Woodhead -do- Maxwell Black
Farm of Little Woodhead -do- James McKie
Farm of Bush -do- Charles Graham
Parks at Palnackie -do- Samuel Wilson
Parks at Palnackie -do- James Carswell
House at Palnackie -do- James Halliday
House at Palnackie -do- John D Wilson
Park & House at Palnackie -do- Thomas Dalling
Farm of Leaths Trustees of Mrs Hall of Mollance John & William Hunter
Farm of Halketleaths Trustees of Mrs Bowstead, London John McMillan
Farm of West Logan -do- George Rigg
Halketleaths Mill -do- Samuel Ewart
Farm of Cockleaths -do- William & Samuel Gibson
Proportion of Guffogland -do- John Callendar
Farm of Meikle Knox Trustees of Mrs Airlie Thomas Porter
Farm of Guffogland -do- John Callendar
Farm of Allanbank -do- Thomas Gillespie
Pendicle of Allanbank -do- James Craik
Farm of Corbieton Trustees of late James McMiken of Meikle Firthhead Joseph Grierson
Mansion House, Corbieton -do- Andrew Clark McMiken
Farm of Chapelcroft Mrs Douglas or Maxwell, Orchardtoun William Milligan
Farms of Douganhill & Blackbelly -do- Thomas Gordon
Farm of Doagh -do- Mrs. Landsburgh
Farm of Gaigree -do- William Clanochan
House at Palnackie Samuel Wilson, Palnackie Samuel Wilson
House at Palnackie -do- Empty
House at Palnackie -do- James Rain
House at Palnackie -do- Robert McKinnell
House at Palnackie -do- William Candlish
House at Palnackie -do- John McKie
House at Palnackie -do- Thomas Allan
Custom House -do- not given
House at Palnackie -do- under construction
House at Palnackie William McClellan William McClellan
House at Palnackie Mrs John McClellan Mrs John McClellan
House at Palnackie Mrs. Gibson, Palnackie Mrs. Ross
House at Palnackie -do- Mrs. Gibson
House at Palnackie William Heughan William Heughan
House at Palnackie -do- John Kerr
House at Palnackie Archibald Anderson Capt. William Black
House at Palnackie -do- Archibald Anderson
Houses at Palnackie -do- 2 other houses
House at Palnackie James Carswell James Carswell
House at Palnackie James Ewart, Palnackie John Black
Houses at Palnackie -do- approx 4 other houses
House at Palnackie Maxwell Black, Woodhead John Carswell
Houses at Palnackie -do- approx 3 other houses
House at Palnackie Mrs Helen Black John Candlish
House at Palnackie -do- Mrs Helen Black
House at Palnackie -do- John Atkinson
House at Palnackie -do- Edward Stitt
House at Palnackie Anna Dalling Anna Dalling
House at Palnackie Rev. William Ross, Kintare Mrs. Rutherford
Burntstick Toll House Road Trustees David Donan
Schoolmaster's House John Tait John Tait
Schoolmaster's House James McKie James McKie
Manse and Glebe Rev. James Robb Grant Rev. James Robb Grant
Hardhills Toll House Road Trustees William Robison