In preparing this list, in an effort to keep the file size manageable, I have omitted entries relating to the entry number, feu-duties, and to shootings, fishing, policies, woodlands etc., unless occupied by anyone other than Proprietor. Unfortunately, the majority of houses in Palnackie cannot be individually identified.

Valuation Roll

PARISH OF BUITTLE - 1898 to 1899

Type of Property Property Proprietor Tenant> Occupier Inhabitant
Farm & House Meikle Knox Jane Park et al. John Smith, Farmer Tenant  
House Meikle Knox -do- -do- Tenant John Gordon, Ploughman
Farm & House Guffogland -do- David Porter, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Allanbank -do- John M'Lellan, Farmer Tenant  
Pendicle Meikle Knox -do- Samuel Callander, Smith Tenant  
Mansion House, Offices & Garden Corbieton James & William Biggar, Manure Merchants, Chapelton, Dalbeattie Major John Colin Wardlaw Tenant  
House Corbieton -do- -do- Tenant John Nish, Gardener
Farm & House Corbieton -do- James Dinwoodie, Farmer Tenant  
House Corbieton -do- -do- Tenant David Twiname, Ploughman
House Corbieton -do- -do- Tenant Robert Nish, Ploughman
Farm & House Halketleaths Trustees of C.J Bowstead et al William Halliday, Farmer Tenant  
House Halketleaths -do- -do- Tenant Robert Kirkpatrick, Ploughman
House Halketleaths -do- -do- Tenant Henrietta Irving, Widow.
Farm & House West Logan & part Guffogland -do- James Barrowman, Farmer Tenant  
House West Logan -do- -do- Tenant David Dalziel, Ploughman
House West Logan -do- -do- Tenant Peter M'Lachlan, Surfaceman
Farm & House Cockleaths -do- Elizabeth Irving, Widow, and Robert C Irving, Farmers, Blackerne, Crossmichael Tenant  
House Cockleaths -do- -do- Tenant James M'Lachlan, Labourer
House Cockleaths -do- -do- Tenant Empty
Mill and Land Halketleaths -do- Robert M'George, Miller Tenant  
Smithy & House Halketleaths -do- Samuel Callander, Smith Tenant  
Farm & House Nethertown W.D.R Douglas of Orchardton   Proprietor  
House Nethertown -do-   Proprietor John Brown, Ploughman
House Nethertown -do-   Proprietor William Keir, Rabbit Catcher
Farm & House South Glen -do- George Halliday, jun. Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Park -do- Quintin Turner, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House North Glen -do- William Wilson, Farmer. Tenant  
House North Glen -do- -do- Tenant Robert Handley, Ploughman
Farm & House Holm -do- Quintin Turner, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Orchardton Mains -do- Sam. Wilson, sen., & James Wilson, Farmers Tenant  
Farm & House Lochhill & Isle -do- John Grierson, Farmer Tenant  
House Lochhill & Isle -do- -do- Tenant Maitland Hyslop, Horsebreaker
Farm & House Woodhead -do- James Cannon, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Chapelcroft -do- Andrew Stevenson, Farmer Tenant  
House Chapelcroft -do- -do- Tenant William M'Caa, Dairyman
House Chapelcroft -do- -do- Tenant John Mein, Ploughman
Farm & House Douganhill & Blackbelly -do- Samuel Craik, Farmer Tenant  
House Douganhill -do- -do- Tenant James M'Dowall, Ploughman
House Douganhill -do- -do- Tenant George Affleck, Retired Farmer
House Douganhill -do- -do- Tenant Robert Wright, Roadman
Farm & House Doach -do- Robert M'Cartney, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Gaigrie -do- Robert Thomson, Farmer, Glengarrick, Kelton Tenant Glenyerrock?
Unnumbered Houses Orchardton -do-   Proprietor Approx 6 houses
Cottage Red Leggate -do-   Proprietor John S Thomson, Rabit Catcher
House Almorness Cottage -do-   Proprietor James M'Lachlan, Labourer
House Park -do-   Proprietor Empty
House Keeper's House -do-   Proprietor William Murray, Gamekeeper
Salmon Fishings Almorness -do- Thomas Irving, Fisher Tenant  
Farm & House East Logan Jessie Jane Birsay et al John M'Vinnie, Farmer Tenant  
House East Logan -do- -do- Tenant Alex. M'Cormack, Labourer
Farm & House Scroggiehill Henry Grierson,Miltonpark Alex. Barbour, Dunjarg, Crossmichael Tenant  
House Scroggiehill -do- -do- Tenant John Middleton, Ploughman
House Laggatecheek -do- -do- Tenant Empty
Farm & House Miltonpark & Hopehead -do- Antony Kennedy M'Dowall, Farmer Tenant  
House Hopehead -do- -do- Tenant James M'Kie, Labourer
House Miltonpark -do- -do- Tenant James M'Vinnie, Labourer
House Miltonpark -do- -do- Tenant Robert Jas. M'Kie, Labourer
Farm & House Leaths John M'Kie, Ernespie William & Matthew Smith, Farmers Tenant  
House Leaths -do- -do- Tenant Adam Barrowman, Dairyman
House Leaths -do- -do- Tenant John M'Kie, Shepherd
House Leaths -do- -do- Tenant James Anderson, Ploughman
House Leaths -do- -do- Tenant William M'Whirter, Ploughman
Pendicle Leaths -do- Samuel Callander, Smith Tenant  
House Gelston Castle Estate Major Kirwan Gelston Castle Charles Dickson, Labourer Tenant (Torglass)
Farm & House Castlegower -do- John Boyd, Farmer Tenant  
House Castlegower -do- -do- Tenant Empty
Farm & House Flock -do- John Howat Barrowman, Farmer, Caigton Tenant  
Farm & House Cuil -do- Robert J Campbell, Farmer Tenant  
House Cuil -do- -do- Tenant Joseph Muir, Dairyman
House Cuil -do- -do- Tenant George M'Cutcheon, Ploughman
House Cuil -do- -do- Tenant Thomas Thomson, Ploughman
Farm & House Breoch -do- Joseph Grierson, Farmer Tenant  
House Breoch -do- -do- Tenant Robert M'Gaw, Ploughman
House Breoch -do- -do- Tenant James M'Dill, Shepherd
Cottage & Field Breoch -do- James Grierson, Dealer Tenant  
Farm & House Caigton Trustees of late Andrew Lusk John Howat Barrowman, Farmer, Caigton Tenant  
House Caigton -do- -do- Tenant John Wallace, Ploughman
House Caigton -do- -do- Tenant Empty
House Caigton -do- -do- Tenant John Clark, Carter
Mansion House, Offices & Garden Munches Wellwood Herries Maxwell, of Munches   Proprietor  
House Munches -do-   Proprietor Robert Ferguson, Coachman
House Munches -do-   Proprietor Alex. Murray, Gardener
Land & house Munches Mains & Toll -do-   Proprietor  
House Toull -do-   Proprietor Thomas Smith, Foreman
House Broomisle -do-   Proprietor John Welsh, Ploughman
House Colehole -do-   Proprietor James Muirhead, Ploughman
House Cooperknowe -do-   Proprietor Mary Douglas, Widow
Estate Worker's Houses Munches -do-   Proprietor Approx 6 houses
House Cooperknowe -do-   Proprietor William Beattie, Hedger
House Broomisle -do-   Proprietor Alfred Russell, Labourer
House Cooperknowe -do-   Proprietor Empty
House Craignair -do-   Proprietor George Kirk, Forester
House Kirkstyle -do- Sarah Hughes, Widow Tenant  
Land & house Breckoniehill -do- Robert Little, Farmer Tenant  
House Breckoniehill -do- -do- Tenant James Kirk, Ploughman
Land & house Butterhole -do- William M'Kinnell, Farmer Tenant  
House Butterhole -do- -do- Tenant William M'Culloch, Ploughman
Land & house Claycroft -do- William Johnstone, Farmer Tenant  
Land & house Old Buittle -do- Andrew Graham, Farmer Tenant  
House Auchengate -do- -do- Tenant John Ferguson, Granite Cutter
Land & house Buittle Mains -do- Heirs of James Gordon, Farmer Tenant  
House Buittle Mains -do- -do- Tenant William Blair, Ploughman
Land & house Barsyard -do- Gilbert & Robert Campbell, Farmers Tenant  
House Kirkstyle Cottage -do- Robert Paterson, Beadle Tenant  
Land Boghall Brae -do- Matthew Campbell, Farmer Tenant  
Land & house Cullinaw -do- Alexander Gordon & Agnes Gordon, spinster, Farmers Tenant  
Land & house Barchain -do- Mrs Jane Brown & Alexander Brown, Farmers Tenant  
Cottage Craignair -do- Henry Parker, Labourer Tenant  
Cottage Craignair -do-   Proprietor George Swanson, Gamekeeper
Park & House, Urr -do- Alexander Millar, Roadman Tenant  
House Boghall -do- Mary Welsh, Widow Tenant  
House Top Craignair Hill -do- Stuart & Co., Granolithic Manufacturers, Edinburgh Tenant William M'Adam, Carter
House Craignair -do- James Kennan, Quarryman Tenant  
Smithy & House Raeburn Cottage -do- James Mitchell, Blacksmith Tenant  
Quarry Craignair -do- D.H.&J. Newall, Granite Merchants, Dalbeattie    
Quarry Craignair -do- Robert Sowerby, Granite Merchant, Castle Douglas Tenant  
Quarry Craignair -do- Stuart & Co., Granolithic Manufacturers, Edinburgh Tenant  
Lordship Craignair -do- Fraser & Young, Granolithic Merchants, Dalbeattie Tenant  
Lordship Craignair -do- David Newall, Granite Merchant Tenant  
Mansion House, Offices & Garden Kirkennan Wellwood Maxwell of Kirkennan   Proprietor  
House Kirkennan -do-   Proprietor John Ferguson, Coachman
House Kirkennan -do-   Proprietor Janet M'Lachlan, Widow
Gardener's House Kirkennan -do-   Proprietor  
Gardener's House Kirkennan -do-   Proprietor James Litster, Gardener
Land & house Broomiebrae -do- Matthew Campbell, Farmer Tenant  
Land & house Clone -do- Andrew Milligan, Farmer Tenant  
Land & house Courthill -do- Thomas Wallace, Farmer Tenant  
Field and House Cloneyard -do- Jane M'Robert, Widow Tenant  
Fields Kirkennan -do- W & J M'Kinnell, Butterhole Tenant  
House Ramshaw -do- John Airlie, Labourer Tenant  
House Transalpine Cottage -do- William M'Creadie, Rabbit Catcher Tenant  
Smithy & House Gardenburn -do- William Morrison, Blacksmith Tenant  
House Gardenburn -do- David Campbell, Labourer Tenant  
Park Kirkstead Park -do- William Morrison, Blacksmith Tenant  
Park Garden Park -do- William Halliday, Wood Merchant, Palnackie Tenant  
Farm & House Little Knox -do- Archibald Marchbank, Farmer Tenant  
House Little Knox -do- -do- Tenant Alexander Helme, Retired Farmer
House Little Knox -do- -do- Tenant John Kirkpatrick, Ploughman
House Little Knox -do- -do- Tenant  
House Hardhills -do- Mary Hannay, Spinster Tenant  
Farm & House Milton William Edgar Paterson, Farmer, Craigdarroch, Sanquhar William Halliday, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House Corra William Skinner, Liferenter John Hutton, Farmer Tenant  
House Corra -do- -do- Tenant Andrew Kirkpatrick, Labourer
House Corra -do- -do- Tenant George Robison, Ploughman
Manse & Offices Buittle Rev. Robert Tennyson Tarbet   Liferenter  
Glebe Buittle -do- William M'Kinnell, Farmer Tenant  
Glebe Buittle -do- John Paterson, Joiner, Hardhills Tenant  
Farm & House Barlochan Mary Reid, wife of William Reid, Shipbroker, Birkenhead John M'Clymont, Farmer Tenant  
House Barlochan -do- -do- Tenant James Gibson, Shepherd
House Gardenburn -do- -do- Tenant Andrew Irving, Ploughman
House Gardenburn -do- -do- Tenant Alexander Kirk, Rabbit Catcher
House Clonshank -do- Mary Campbell, Spinster Tenant  
House Clonshank -do-   Empty  
House Gardenburn -do- Elizabeth Brown, Widow Tenant  
Mill, House & Store Barlochan Mill -do- George Halliday, jun., Wood Merchant Tenant  
Store Palnackie -do- John Grierson, Manure Merchant, Castle Douglas Tenant  
Store Palnackie -do- David Anderson, Grain Dealer, Castle Douglas Tenant  
House Yettan Terrace -do- William Johnstone, Retired Fam Servant Tenant  
House Yettan Terrace -do- Mary Jardine, Spinster Tenant  
House Yettan Terrace -do- Jane M'William, Spinster Tenant  
House Yettan Terrace -do- James Brydson, jun., Grocer Tenant  
House Yettan Terrace -do- Margaret Catherine Murdoch, Widow Tenant  
Woodyard Palnackie W.D.R. Douglas, of Orchardton James Halliday, Wood merchant Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Alexander Candlish, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Samuel Paterson, Labourer Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- James Neilson, Master Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Samuel Paterson, Labourer Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Mary Hornell, Spinster Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- James Dalling, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie Trustees of sequestrated estate of George Halliday, wood merchant   Proprietor  
Stable & Sheds Palnackie -do- George Halliday, jun., Wood Merchant Tenant  
House Gordon Arms Alister Fraser, Innkeeper   Proprietor  
House Palnackie -do- John Tosney, Woodman Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Robert Handley, Labourer Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Agnes Crocket, Spinster Tenant  
House Palnackie Samuel Wilson, Orchardton Mains   Empty  
House Palnackie -do- James M'Lellan, Mariner Tenant  
Stores Palnackie -do-   Proprietor  
House Palnackie -do- Elizabeth Carswell, Widow Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Reading Room, per Wellwood Maxwell of Kirkennan Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Andrew M'Ewan, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do-   Empty  
House Palnackie -do-   Empty  
House Palnackie -do- William Hutchence, Butler Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- David Johnstone, Labourer Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- John Neilson, Sailor Tenant  
Offices and House Commercial Inn -do- Alexander Nivision, Hotel Keeper Tenant  
House Palnackie Elizabeth Wallace, wife of Thomas Wallace, Farmer, Courthill Helen & Lucy Black Stitt, Grocers Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Robert Brydson, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie Jessie Carswell, Widow, Palnackie   Empty  
House Palnackie -do- Captain James Ewart Tenant  
House Palnackie George Macaulay, Joiner John Walker, mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do-   Empty  
House Palnackie -do-   Proprietor  
House Palnackie Samuel Ewart, Mariner Margaret M'Kie, Widow Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Thomas Black, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- Thomas R Dalling, Postman Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- William Black, Mariner Tenant  
House Palnackie -do- George Halliday, jun., Wood Merchant Tenant John M'Gill, Sawyer
House Palnackie -do-   Proprietor  
Shop & House Palnackie -do- James Brydson, sen. Grocer Tenant  
House Palnackie John Mein, Carter   Proprietor  
House Palnackie -do- Captain James Ewart Tenant  
Offices and House Palnackie Thomas Carswell, Mariner   Proprietor  
House Palnackie John Heughan, Joiner, New York, et al. William Halliday, Carter Tenant  
House Palnackie Janet Heughan   Proprietor  
House Palnackie William Black, Shipmaster   Proprietor  
Mission Hall Palnackie Kirk Session   Proprietor  
House Urrbank Cottage John M'Lellan, Lloyds Surveyor, Birkenhead Lucy Crosby, Widow Tenant  
House Palnackie Mary Young Caird, wife of Wm Caird, teacher Annie Affleck, Widow Tenant  
House Palnackie John Wilson, Master Mariner   Proprietor  
Shop & House Palnackie Jessie Carswell, Widow, Palnackie   Proprietor  
House Palnackie Maxwell Edgar, Mariner   Proprietor  
House Palnackie -do- Mary Haugh, Spinster, Dressmaker Tenant  
House Palnackie -do-   Empty  
House Palnackie James Dalling & Annie Ross Dalling, Spinster   Annie Ross Dalling  
House Schoolmaster's House William Caird, Teacher, Liferenter   Liferenter  
Store Palnackie Leventon & Co., Manure Merchants, Liverpool.   Proprietor  
Public School Palnackie The School Board   Proprietor  
Public School High Buittle -do-   Proprietor  
House Schoolmaster's House, High Buittle Hugh Knox, Teacher, Liferenter   Liferenter  
House Old Mill G&SW Railway Peter McLaughlin, Surfaceman Tenant  
House Old Mill G&SW Railway William Tait, Surfaceman Tenant  
Dalbeattie Water Works Buittle Burgh of Dalbeattie   Proprietor