Valuation Roll, Buittle Parish: 1959-60

The following is extracted from the Valuation Roll for the Year 1959-60, detailing ownership and occupation of Houses and Farms in Buittle Parish. Woodlands and Shootings etc. have been omitted unless occupied by persons other than those shown as having an interest in the land. 

The local custom of replacing the 'c' in the Mc names (as M'Caig etc) continues at this late time, even in official documents such as this.

An entry in the final column generally means that the house is tied to the landowner, i.e. that the inhabitant occupies the house as part of his/her employment, and pays no rent. An entry as tenant indicates payment of rent to the proprietor, with occupancy not necessarily dependent on employment. 

The abbreviation C-D stands for Castle Douglas.

Subject Proprietor Tenant Occupier Inhabitant
Cottage, Orchardton Kennels Mrs Mary Allen   Proprietor  
House & Smithy, Raeburn Cottage Thomas Anderson, Blacksmith   Proprietor  
Garage Thomas Anderson, Blacksmith   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Scroggiehill Alex. J Barbour   Proprietor  
House, Scroggiehill do.   Proprietor G Maxwell, Cattleman
House, Scroggiehill do.   Proprietor Alan M'Caig, Ploughman
House and Land, Old Buittle John & William Barrowman   Proprietor  
House, Auchengate do.   Proprietor Empty
Farm & House, South Glen Alexander Bell   Proprietor  
Site of Hut, South Glen do. David Jardine, 76 Lockerbie Rd, Dumfries Tenant  
Hut (Tenant's erection) South Glen David Jardine David Jardine, 76 Lockerbie Rd, Dumfries Proprietor  
Farm & House, Corbieton James Biggar, Chapelton, C-D.   Proprietor  
House,Corbieton do.   Proprietor Harry M'Keand, Shepherd
House,Corbieton do.   Proprietor John Cook, Ploughman
House,Corbieton do.   Proprietor I Cullen
Mansion House, Office & Gardens, Corbieton Trustees of late William Biggar   Proprietor  
House,Corbieton do.   Proprietor David Kirk, Gardener
House & Land, Barsyard Andrew Blackwood, Farmer   Proprietor  
Garage, Seafield W.C. & G. Halliday, Rambler Cottage, Palnackie   Proprietor  
House, Old Mill British Transport Commission   Uninhabitable Buittle Station
House, Old Mill do. Harry Bell, Ganger Tenant Buittle Station
House, Old Mill do.   Uninhabitable Buittle Station
House, Old Mill do. Herbert Smithers, Lengthman Tenant Buittle Station
Farm & House, Allanbank Quinton Bone   Proprietor  
House, Allanbank do.   Proprietor Samuel K Ferguson
House, Doach William & Archibald Buchanan   Proprietor  
Hut, Glenisle, South Glen Arthur Caig, Schoolgreen, Dalbeattie   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Cuil James C Campbell, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Cuil do.   Proprietor Robert Plunkett, Dairyman
House, Cuil do.   Proprietor James M'Carlie, Ploughman
House, Cuil do.   Proprietor Thomas Wilson, Ploughman
Manse & Offices, Buittle Church of Scotland   Rev. Richard T Hassell  
Glebe, Buittle do. James M'Clune, Hardhills Tenant  
Glebe, Buittle do. James Bell, Hardhills Tenant  
Living Hut, Barlochan Harry Clark   Proprietor  
Public High School, Buittle Stewartry County Council Buittle (High End) Hall, per Miss M Campbell, 10 Reoch Park, Springholm Tenant  
High School House, Buittle do. do. Tenant Alexander Drennan
Schoolmaster's House, Palnackie do. A.B. Bennie, Teacher Tenant  
Public School, Palnackie do.   Proprietor  
House, Hardhills do. James Hunter Tenant Roadman?
Farm & House, Craigton A & J Craig   Proprietor  
House, Craigton do.   Proprietor George Glendinning, Ploughman
House, Craigton do.   Proprietor Louis M'Cubbin, Dairyman
House, Craigton do.   Proprietor Empty
House, Craigton do.   Proprietor Robert M'Clymont, Tractorman
House, Craigton do.   Proprietor John Harkness, Foreman
Farm & House, North Glen William Cruikshank   Proprietor  
House & Land, Boghall Mary M Davidson, Widow, Leigh House, C-D.

(Now called Copper Beeches) 

Proprietor Mrs Margaret Geddes 
House & Land, Broomiebrae do.   Proprietor D.N. Davidson
Park, Raeburn Cottage do.

("Park" = Field)

Proprietor do. 
Craignair Quarry Dalbeattie Granite Coy. (1955) Ltd.   Proprietor  
House, Torglass Cottage, Dunrod Road Francis Farries   Proprietor Elizabeth Caldoe, Spinster
Farm & House, Castlegower do.   Proprietor  
House, Castlegower do.   Proprietor Samuel Carruthers
House, Castlegower do.   Proprietor Francis G Shearer, Shepherd
House, Castlegower do.   Proprietor Empty
Farm, Flock do.   Proprietor No house
Woodlands at Gaigree and Yerrick Forestry Commission   Proprietor  
Woodlands, Netherton do.   Proprietor  
Land for Planting, Buittle Hill do.   Proprietor  
Farm, Potterland & Yerrock (Part) Gelston Castle Estates James Baird Tenant Houses are in Rerrick
Farm & House, Breoch Robert D Gold, Farmer & Mrs J Gold   Proprietor  
House, Breoch do.   Proprietor W.D. Gold
House, Breoch do.   Proprietor Robert Cowan
Slaughter-House, Breoch Grierson Bros., Butchers, C-D.   Proprietor  
Cottage & Byre, Breoch do.   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Barlochan George Halliday William Fergusson & Sons Tenant  
House, Gardenburn do. do. Tenant Mrs M Milvain
Mansion House & Offices, Barlochan do.   Proprietor  
House, Gardenburn do. William Sargent  Tenant  
Bungalow, Barhastry, Palnackie William Fergusson & Sons   Proprietor James Fergusson
House, Cockleha'en, Palnackie Mrs Mary B Caven, Vinton, Craigs Rd., Dumfries   Proprietor  
Garage, Douganhill Quarry James Halliday, Jun., Port Rd, Palnackie   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Milton of Buittle Joseph M Halliday, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Milton of Buittle do.   Proprietor William M'Minn
House, Milton of Buittle do.   Proprietor Thomas Cowan
Sawmill, Palnackie W.C. & G. Halliday, Rambler Cottage, Palnackie   Proprietor  
House, Kirkstyle James A.W.S. Harkness   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Corra John F Hastings   Proprietor  
House, Corra do.   Proprietor Ian Cannon, Ploughman
House, Corra do.   Proprietor Sydney Young, Dairyman
House, Corra do.   Proprietor Robert Vernon, Ploughman
House & Land, Buittle Mains J Hutton, Brae Farm, Crocketford S.S Hutton Tenant  
House, Buittle Mains do. do. Tenant James W Robertson, Dairyman
Farm & House, Meikle Knox do.   Proprietor  
House, Meikle Knox do.   Proprietor Empty
Pendicle, Meikle Knox do.   Proprietor  
Farm & House, West Logan + Part Guffogland William L Hyslop, Farmer W.L. Hyslop & Son Tenant  
House, Logan Cottage do. do. Tenant Joseph Waugh, Ploughman
House, Logan Cottage do. do. Tenant Thomas Maxwell, Farm Worker
Cottage, Sunnybrae, West Logan do. do. Proprietor  
Farm & House, Leaths Imperial Chemical Industries. (ICI)   Proprietor N.P. MacLaren, Manager
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor W M'Culloch, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor R.H Cochrane, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor Empty
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor W Hunter, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor R Adams, Farm Worker
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor J Kissock, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor J Houston, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor C Maxwell, Stockman
House, Leaths do.   Proprietor M M'Lellan, Farm Worker
Farm, Cockleaths Robert William Irving, Farmer, Blackerne, C-D.   Proprietor  
House, Cockleaths do.   Proprietor Robert M'Math, Oddman
House & Land, Butterhole Robert G Kennedy   Proprietor  
House, Butterhole do.   Proprietor E Donati, Dairyman
Cottage, Craignair do.   Proprietor Samuel Wallace, Ploughman
Cottage, Craignair do. Andrew Jamieson, Driver Tenant  
House & Garage, Gardenburn Miss Anna H Ross, Liferentrix   Liferentrix  
House & Land, Breconiehill James C Little, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Breconiehill do.   Proprietor John Marshall, Dairy Worker
Mansion House, etc, Kirkennan Major General Sir Aymer Maxwell   Proprietor  
Lodge, Kirkennan do.   Proprietor Robert Carruthers, Gardener
House, Kirkennan do.   Proprietor John Smith, Gardener
House, Ramshaw do.   Proprietor William McKie, Labourer
Cottage, Kirkennan do.   Proprietor William Muir, Forester
House, Gardenburn do.   Proprietor Robert Stewart
Grazings, Kirkennan do.   Proprietor  
House etc, Munches Commander D Herries Maxwell   Proprietor  
House at Stables, Munches do.   Proprietor H Watson, Oddman
House at Stables, Munches do.   Proprietor Mrs M'Colm, Widow
House, Broomisle do.   Proprietor Jessie Moreland, Spinster
House, Toull Farm do.   Proprietor George Milligan, Herd
House, Broomisle do.   Proprietor T Rogerson, Forester
House at Garden, Munches do.   Proprietor J M'Lurg, Gardener
House, Colehole do.   Proprietor R Byres, Gamekeeper
House, Cooperknowe, No. 1 do.   Proprietor Mrs Cruikshanks, Widow
House, Cooperknowe, No. 2 do. Mrs Wilson Tenant  
House, Cooperknowe, No. 3 do. J Wilson Tenant  
House & Land, Claycroft do. James Little, Farmer Tenant  
House & Land, Barchain do. A M'Cormick, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House, Halketleaths John Maxwell, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Halketleaths do.   Proprietor John S Love, Tractorman
House, Halketleaths do.   Proprietor J.S.M'A. Kerr, Dairyman
Farm & House, Guffogland do.   Proprietor David Carson, Shepherd
Land, Halketleaths Mill do.   Proprietor  
House, Halketleaths Mill do.   Empty  
House, Corslet Cottage Matilda E Maxwell, Spinster   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Miltonpark + Hopehead Andrew Muir, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Miltonpark do.   Proprietor Alex. Gordon, Dairyman
House, Miltonpark do.   Proprietor David Drennan, Ploughman
House, Miltonpark do.   Proprietor B Swanson
House, Hopehead do.   Proprietor Ruinous
House, Halketleaths Smithy David C Mundell   Proprietor  
House & Field, Clonyards Robert MacDonald, Livestock Auctioneer   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Little Knox James M'Miken, East Logan   Proprietor D Little, Dairyman
House, Little Knox do.   Proprietor Thomas M'Murdo
House & Workshop, Hardhills do. James M'Clure, Joiner Tenant  
Farm & House, East Logan Trustees of James M'Miken James M'Miken Tenant  
House, East Logan do. do. Tenant Peter Vinnie, Dairyman
House, East Logan do. do. Tenant Robert Blackley, Oddman
House, East Logan do. do. Tenant R Black, Ploughman
House, Ford Knowe, East Logan do. do. Tenant James Milligan, Oddman
House, Palnackie James C Niven   Proprietor  
House & Garage, Red Liggate G.K. Galliers-Pratt   Proprietor Hardie Carruthers, Gamekeeper
Farm & House, Holm and Park do. William Sturrock, Viewfahr, Palnackie Tenant William Johnstone
House (Used as store) do. do. Tenant

(House at Park?)

Farm & House, Orchardton Mains do. Messrs W Ferguson & Sons Tenant John R Ferguson
Farm & House, Lochhill do.   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Isle do. Lewis Neilson, Farmer Tenant  
Farm & House, Woodhead do. T.P. Niven, Farmer Tenant  
Salmon Fishings, Almorness do. Thomas Laird, Glenlochar Manse, C-D. Tenant  
Farm & House, Chapelcroft do. G Broatch, Farmer Tenant  
House, Chapelcroft do. do. Tenant John Little, Dairyman
House, Chapelcroft do. do. Tenant Derek Johnstone, Tractorman
House, New Mills, Chapelcroft do. do. Tenant Used as a store
Farm & House, Douganhill & Blackbelly do. A.S and James Ewart Tenant James Ewart, Farmer
House, Old Douganhill do. do. Tenant James McQuaker, Tractorman
House, Douganhill do. do. Tenant W Smith, Dairyman
Quarry, Douganhill do.   Unwrought  
Farm & Part House, Nethertown of Almorness Mrs Phyllis G Galliers Pratt   Proprietor  
Part House, Nethertown do.   Proprietor Dennis B Crawford
House, Nethertown of Almorness Major C Douglas Robertson, Low Furlong, Thurlstone, S Devon.   Proprietor Mrs Black
House, Nethertown of Almorness do.   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Clone Ian & Mrs Elizabeth Robinson   Proprietor  
Farm & House, Cullinaw William Tait, Farmer   Proprietor  
House, Cullinaw do.   Proprietor  
House & Land, Courthill William Tait   Proprietor  
House, Courthill do.   Ruinous  
Glebe, Buittle do.   Proprietor  
House, Smyrna Cottage George Black, Retired Mary Black, spinster Tenant  
House, Glen Road Margaret Carlyle, wife of John Carlyle, joiner, Rambler Cottage   James T Carlyle  
House, 1 Riverside Dr Kirkcudbright County Council James M'Court, Lorry Driver Tenant  
House, 2 Riverside Dr do. J Neilson, Rabbit Trapper Tenant  
House, 3 Riverside Dr do. Jane Patterson (m.) Tenant  
House, 4 Riverside Dr do. Mrs Janet Curran Tenant  
House, 5 Riverside Dr do. Robert P Forteath, Postmaster Tenant  
House, 6 Riverside Dr do. Ronald M'Knight Tenant  
House, 7 Riverside Dr do. Miss Dorothea Paterson Tenant  
House, 8 Riverside Dr do. J.S. Finnigan, Lorry Driver Tenant  
House, 17 Riverside Dr do. Wilfred Sargent Tenant  
House, 18 Riverside Dr do. Robert Corrie, Ploughman Tenant  
House, 19 Riverside Dr do. James Roxburgh, Lorry Driver Tenant  
House, 20 Riverside Dr do. John M'Master, Forestry Worker Tenant  
House, 9 Riverside Dr do. James Cowan Tenant  
House, 10 Riverside Dr do. William M'Dougall Tenant  
House, 11 Riverside Dr do. Samuel M'Cubbin Tenant  
House, 12 Riverside Dr do. William Lochhead Tenant  
House, 13 Riverside Dr do. John Dickinson Tenant  
House, 14 Riverside Dr do. James Monks Tenant  
House, 15 Riverside Dr do. Helen R Halliday Tenant  
House, 16 Riverside Dr do. Raymond Ross Tenant  
House, 7 Glen Road do. James M'William Tenant  
House, 9 Glen Road do. William G Clive Tenant  
House, 10 Glen Road do. Mrs A Stewart Tenant  
House, 11 Glen Road do. James Bell Tenant  
House, 12 Glen Road do. Mrs J.M. Cowan Tenant  
House, 13 Glen Road do. Miss J.B. Collow Tenant  
House, 14 Glen Road do. James Kirk Tenant  
House, 16 Glen Road do. Easton F Cruickshank Tenant  
House, 1 Cannon Place Annie E.Q. Craig, Wife of Thomas Craig, Retired   Proprietor  
House, 1 Brookside Agnes P Crossan, wife of occupier   Robert Crossan  
Shop & Garage, Glen Road Robert P Forteath   Proprietor  
House, Glenview William Gordon, Millworker   Proprietor  
House, Glenview do. Jessie Halliday, Nurse Tenant  
House George Halliday, Barlochan Nicol Paterson Tenant  
House, Yettan Terrace do.   Proprietor Occupier not named
House, Yettan Terrace do. J Ferguson Tenant  
House, Yettan Terrace do.   Proprietor Occupier not named
House, 4 Yettan Terrace do. R Ferguson Tenant  
House, 4 Cannon Place George Halliday, Joiner, c/o Robertson & Co, Dalbeattie William M'Cubbin, Mechanic Tenant  
House, 2 Cannon Place do. Jane Welsh, Spinster Tenant  
House, 4 Glen Road do. Mrs D M'Lellan Tenant  
House, Rambler Cottage Trustees of the late George Halliday   Proprietor  
House do. Grace M'Cubbin (w) Tenant  
House, 8 Port Road do. Hugh Gilmour Tenant  
House, 2 Glen Road George Halliday & Sons, Wood Merchants Samuel P Halliday Tenant  
House, 2 Port Road do. Jessie Finnigan Tenant  
House, 4 Glen Road do. John Wilson, Labourer Tenant  
House, Port Road J,S. Halliday & Mrs H.B. Halliday   Proprietor  
Mill and Store James Halliday jun. Port Road   Proprietor  
House at Mill do. J.R Halliday Tenant  
Workshop + Garage do.   Proprietor  
House, Kenmuir James Rae Halliday   Proprietor  
House, Kenmuir do. James Dunbar, Woodcutter Tenant  
Shop, 1 Glen Road Kathreen M & Edward T Halliday Mrs Catherine Greenaway Tenant  
House, Glencraig, Auchencairn Road do.   Proprietor  
Shop, Glencraig do. Mrs Catherine Greenaway Tenant  
House, 3 Cannon Place Thomas & Maggie H.B Harris   Proprietor  
House, 5 Glen Road Mrs Elizabeth Hawthorn, Urrbank Cottage Mrs Georgina E M'Donald Tenant  
House & Offices, Viewfahr Trustees of Elspeth Irving William Sturrock Tenant  
Bungalow & Garage, Glen Urr, Port Road Mrs Jane Kirk   Proprietor  
House, 12 Port Road Jane Maxwell, Halket Leaths David Charters, Painter Tenant  
House, Burnbank Margaret B Murray, Spinster   Robert Murray, Forestry Worker  
House Major James M'Lellan, Glenluffin, Colvend Mrs Hawthorn Tenant  
Urrbank Cottage do. George H Greenaway Tenant  
House & Shop, Brookside James McKnight   Proprietor  
House, Glenhelen Helen Niven, Widow   Proprietor  
House do. Andrew Corrie, Retired Tenant  
Garage James C Niven & John Niven   Proprietor  
House, Woodlea John J & Lucy J.S Paterson   Proprietor  
House, Port Road Isabella Agnes Pettigrew, Spinster   Proprietor  
House & Glen Isle Inn Garsham Robertson   Proprietor  
House, 3 Port Road The La-Revoc Co. Ltd, The Mart, Dalbeattie Thomas W Stewart, Transport Driver Tenant  
House, 3 Glen Road Charles D Stewart   Proprietor  
House, 1 Port Road Mr & Mrs John Dickinson   Proprietor  
House, Bow House Janet L Wilson, Spinster   Proprietor  
House, 14 Port Road do.   John Sturrock  
Harbour, Palnackie Urr Navigation Trust   Proprietor