This note on two Alexander Hallidays appeared in the book Scots and Scots Descendents in America, published in 1917.


Alexander Brown Halliday, a successful New York lawyer, was born September 7, 1869, in New York City, the only son of Alexander Halliday and Margaret Munroe. His father was born in Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, September 29, 1834, and came to America in 1851. The Halliday family is of old covenanting stock, several of whom suffered martyrdom, and has figured in the history of Galloway since the sixteenth century.

They have been landowners of the same properties from 1500 to the present generation. The father will be remembered as a whole-souled Scot, a resident of Yonkers, N. Y., and a member of the Presbyterian Church and the New York Burns and St. Andrew's Societies. He carried on a successful business, as A. Halliday & Co., for more than forty years on Harrison Street. New York City. He died February 6yh 1905; his wife died in 1898.

The surviving son. Alexander Brown Halliday, was educated at Calleson's School. New York City, Adams Academy, Quincy, Mass., Harvard University, class of 1891, and Columbia University Law School; and since 1894 he has engaged in an extensive law practice in New York city.

Mr. Halliday is of a pleasant and social disposition, diligent in business and a loyal and sympathetic friend. While a thoroughgoing American, he, like his father, takes a deep interest in everything relating to Scotland. He is a member of the St. Andrew's Society of the State of New York, was Chairman of the Board of Managers, 1915, and was elected Secretary of the Society, May, 1916. He is a member of the St. Andrew's Golf Club. Yonkers; and of the Harvard. Reform, and University clubs, and the Fine Arts Society and Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City. He attends the Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Halliday married. June 7. 1899, Ellen M., daughter of the late John Reid and Elizabeth E. Mudge, of Yonkers, New York. They have four children: Jean, born November 9, 1900; Margaret, born August 30, 1903; Ellen, born January 18, 1906; and Elizabeth, born February is. 1911. Mr. Halliday's residence is 316 Palisade Avenue, Yonkers. N. Y, : his business address. 44 Pine Street. New York City.

Inscription 103 - Twynholm Churchyard.
a. In loving memory of Alexander Halliday, died in 1839, aged 79. Isabella Harris, his wife, died in 1832, aged 79. Alexander, their son, died at Cleuch, 13th April 1860, aged 74 years. (photo)
b. In loving memory of Margaret Halliday, wife of Alexander Halliday, who died at Yonkers on Hudson, 19th February 1890, aged 78 years. (photo)
c. In loving memory of Alexander Halliday, of Yonkers on Hudson, born at Cleuch, 29th September 1834, died at Daytona, Florida 6th February 1905. (photo)

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