Taken from the "History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution," published in 1721–1722, new ed. with a life of Wodrow by Robert Burns 1836.

By the declaration in 1684, the government began to take severe measures against the rebellious Covenanters. Dragoons were sent out to hunt down the rebels, empowered to kill anyone refusing to take the oath, and so began the 'Killing Times." Attached to the declaration was a long list of the 'most wanted.' The list for the Stewartry is included here.

Proclamation, with a List of Fugitives, May 5th, 1684.

Charles, by the grace of God, king of great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith: to our lovits, macers of our privy council, and messengers at arms, our sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, greeting. Forasmuch as we, considering the frequent rebellions that have been lately raised by rebellious and unnatural subjects, within this our ancient kingdom, contrary to their native allegiance, to the destruction of our government, and the peace and quiet of all our good people, and the extravagant and impious principles, which have been the necessary and fatal consequences thereupon ensuing, we did, amongst other remedies, ordain these who were in arms, and these who had reset them, to be legally cited before our justices, to the effect they might be tried: and notwithstanding that all fair and legal opportunities of defending their own innocence had been offered them; yet many of them being now denounced rebels and fugitives from our laws, we are resolved to prosecute them, till they be brought to condign punishment; and therefore we have appointed an exact roll of the said persons, so denounced, to be printed, requiring all our subjects, not only not to comfort, or harbour the said persons, but likewise to do their utmost endeavours to apprehend them, as far as in their power, and to give notice to our next sheriffs, bailies of baileries and regalities, stewarts of stewartries, and magistrates of burrows, and other officers and ministers of our law, and to the officers of our army, when they know that any of them lurk in their bounds: as also, in case there be any contained in the said rolls list, that have been denounced through their negligence or ignorance, although they have subscribed the bond, or taken the test, as was prescribed by our former proclamations, therefore, we, with advice of our privy council, yet allow any of the said persons who shall, betwixt and the first of August next ensuing, clear to our justices, that they have taken the bond or test in due time, to be thereupon relaxed gratis, before our justices; and our justices are hereby allowed to desert the diet against them, they compearing, and being relaxed, as said is. And to the end it may he better cleared who have taken the said bond and test, all persons, who were commissionate to administrate the same are hereby required and commanded to send in, to the clerks of our privy council, the bond and test so taken before them, betwixt and the said first day of August next, certifying them, if they fail, letters of homing shall be direct against them, under the signet of our privy council, to that effect, upon a charge of six days, under the pain of rebellion, &c. And to the effect our pleasure in the premises may be made known, our will is and we charge you straitly, and command, that incontinent, these our letters seen, ye pass to the market-cross of Edinburgh, and remanent market-crosses of the head burghs of the shires of this kingdom, and other places needful, and there, by open proclamation; make publication of the premises, that all persons concerned may have notice thereof.

Given under our signet, at Edinburgh, the fifth day of May, one thousand six hundred eight; and four years, and of our reign the thirtieth and sixth year. 
Per actum Dominorum secreti concilii. 
Will. Paterson, CI. Secr. Concilii.
God save the King.

Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

Adam Smart in Kirkcudbright
Samuel Gelly gardener there
Samuel Campbell weaver there
John Heuchan
James Robertson merchant there
Alexander Mackean tailor there
Thomas Paulin there
Adam Macwhan there
Gabriel Hamilton there
John Clark there
Alexander Morton there
Robert Grier in Lochinkit
James Mackartney flesher in Kirkcudbright
William Kevan in Stockin
- - - - Neilson younger of Corsack
Samuel Parker chapman in Twinham parish
Alexander Birnie in Colkegrie
William Halliday in Glencape
James Macgowan in Auchingask
- - - - Martin in Kirchrist
David Braidson in Quarters
Thomas Sprout in Over-bar-chapel
- - - - Halloun in Lairmanoch
Robert Cadjow in Craig
Hugh Mitchelson
Alexander Campbell weaver, sometime in Uroch
John Chartres in Tongland
- - - - Welsh of Scar
Alexander Campbell miller, sometime in Uroch
James Durham in Edgarton
Anthony Macmillan in Stonebrae
John Rae in Slachgarrie
Richard Machesny in Moit
John Carsey in Blackmire
Archibald Machesny in Balhassie
James Macdoual servitor to Henry McCulloch of Barholm
John Auchinleck son to John Auchinleck elder in Balgraden
Robert Miller in Laigh Risco
Alexander Dugalston in Lagan
David McCuIloch son to the laird of Ardwel
Gilbert Gie in Marshalton
John Campbell in Marbrack
Alexander Porter in Lag
John Colton in Nether-third
George Campbell in Aresalloch
David Canon in Firmaston
John Gordon elder in Garyhorn
John McCall weaver in Craginear
John Macmillan sometime servitor to James Ferguson in Trostan
Fergus Grier in Brigmoor
James Macmillan In Glenlie
John Macmillan in Strangassie
James Gordon in Largmore
Henry Gordon in Lochsprey
Andrew Macmillan servant to New-galloway
John Crawford apothecary there
William Dempster in Armancandie
Thomas Murdoch in Barnsalloch
John Tait tailor in Barmaclellan
Alexander Mein in Armancande
James Hook in Holm
James Halliday in Fell
William Macmillan in Aresalloch
David Mackile in Dalshangan
James Clark in Marbrack
Gilbert Macadam in Craigingilton
William Grier servitor to Marian Welsh in Glenhill
James Anderson in Shalloch
John Wright there
James Currie in the Glen
John Maclachrie in Larg
John Macjore in Keirland
Edward Gordon in Blacke
John Hannay at the bridge-end of Dumfries
John McGee there
Roger Macnaught in Newton of Galloway
Mr William Gilchrist, Preacher
Mr James Welsh, Preacher
Mr John Hepburn, Preacher
Mr James Guthrie, Preacher
Mr John Forrester, Preacher
Mr - - - - Lennox, Preacher
Mr Thomas Wilkie, Preacher
Mr Thomas Vernor, Preacher
Andrew Macmillan who haunts at Monnigaff
William Schaw in the parish of Borgue
- - - - Mactagart sometime in the said parish
Robert Gordon in Kilmair
John Gourley in Moudrogat
George Short, who haunted Tongland Parish
Robert Cochran, who haunted Tongland Parish
William Macmillan in Bredenoch
- - - - Livingstone of Quintinespy
Gilbert Caddel in Borgue parish
John Richardson there
John Bryce there
William McGavin there
William Campbell there
Walter and Gilbert McGee there
James Robertson there
John Clinton there
- - - - Crichton son to Robert Crichton in Auchinshinoch
- - - - Macmillan son to John Macmillan in Glenlie
- - - - Macmillan in Greenan
- - - - Gibson son to Robert Gibson in Overstrangashel
Gilbert McEwen in Carsferry

Fugitives for reset and harbour

James Macnaught in Newton of Galloway
- - - - Gordon of Garrary
William McCall in Holm of Daltanachan
John Hook in Holm
Robert Hillow in Hillowton
Andrew Crock in Iron-crogo
John Macmin in Fuffock
William Raffil in Iron-ambrie
- - - - Macjore in Kirkland
John Herron sometime in Earlston, now in Hardland
John Barber elder in Over-Barley
John Barber younger there
John Barber in Nether-Barley
James Girran in Clachan
James Macadam there
Alexander Gourley in Greenan-mill
James Macmichael in Clachan
George Douglas there
Edward Ferguson in Auchinshinoch
James Corsan there
Robert Grier in Reglen
William Edgar of Gordonston
George Macmichael in Carskep
John Macmillan of Iron-daroch
Andrew Wilson in Black-craig
Robert Macmichael in Craiglour
Alexander Macmillan in Glenrie
John Brown in Nether-strangassel
John Macchesny in Hole
Robert Gordon in Clachan
Alexander Gordon there
John Macmillan in Glenlie
William Houston in Blareny
John Geddes in Bartagart
James Mulliken in Knocknoon
John Mulliken in Barscob
Samuel Cannon in Barnsalloch
Mr William Macmillan of Caldow
Robert Gaa in Knocklie
James Garmorie in Armanady
Robert Mackartnie in Quintinespy
James Edgar in Drumskelly
John Grier of Blackmark
William Stuart in Crofts
Patrick Macjore in Crofts
Gilbert Welsh in Bank
James Turner in Auchingibbet
John Collin in Auchingibbet
James Garmarie in the parish of Corsmichael
John Garmorie in Trouden
John Graham in Chapelearn
Thomas and Robert Grahams in Ernefillan
John Gelly in Iron-crogo
John Clark in Drum
John Auchinleck in Dalgredan
Robert Crichton in Auchinshinoch
John Hislop in Midairds
John Macmillan in Dunveoch

Follow the Women who are fugitives for reset.

Marian Welsh in Glenhill
Grizel Richardson in Arnworth
Margaret Gordon in Mayfield
Elspeth Anderson in Shaw-head
Rebecca Macmichael at the Black-craig, in Dalry parish
Margaret Tod in Clachan
Bessie Gordon there
Jean Thomson at the Bridge of Orr
Grizel Fullarton good-wife of Balmagan
Grizel Gordon in Over-Ardwell, in Anworth
- - - -  Gordon widow in Glenlie
Mary Chalmers liferentrix of Clairbrand.

John Welsh in Drumjowan
Roger Macnaught in Newton of Kells
Gilbert McEwen in Carsfairy
William McCail in Clachan
James Chapman there
John Struthers in Monnlgaff 
Robert Gaa smith in Clachan
Henry Gordon in Dundeuch
Alexander Corsan in Newton of Kells

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