In 1836 the following people were appointed Land Tax Commissioners, by act of Parliament, for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. Acts authorising the collection of the land tax were passed every Parliamentary session. Periodically they included the names of the commissioners whose job it was to supervise the assessment and collection of the tax, as was the case in 1836.The names of the commissioners were put forward by MPs in each county in England, Scotland and Wales and the commissioners had to have an income from land of at least £100 per annum. On the whole the commissioners were drawn from the gentry, but also included members of the peerage and of the professions, such as doctors. They were not paid for the work they did.

The list was published in the "Collection of Public Satutes passed in the Sixth and Seventh Year of the Reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth" 1836.

Land Tax Commissioners for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

The Honourable Montgomerie Granville,
John Stewart of Glengyers,
the Honourable Edward Richard Stewart,
the Honourable James Henry Keith Stewart,
Lieutenant Colonel the Honourable Frederick Macadam Cathcart of Graigengillan,
the Right Honourable Sir James Robert George Graham of Netherby, Baronet,
Samuel Hannay of Mochrum and Kirkdale Baron,
Sir Robert Abercrombie of Birkenbog and Netherlaw Baronet,
Sir Charles Halket of Pitfirrane Baronet,
Patrick Heron Maxwell of Springkell Baronet,
John Gordon of Earlston Baronet,
William Miller of Glenlee Baronet, one of the Senators of the College of Justice,
James Montgomery of Stanhope Baronet,
David Maxwell of Cardoness Baronet,
John William Pitt Muir Mackenzie of Delvin and Cassencarry, Baronet,
Sir James Shaw of Polmadie Baronet,
the Right Honourable
Cutlar Fergusson of Craigdarrock and Orroland,
Henry Aglionby Aglionby of Rotchel,
Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Vans Agnew of Sheuchan,
John Alexander Mackilston,
William Alexander younger, of Mackilstone,
David Anderson of Saint Germains,
David Anderson of Moredun, Banker in Edinburgh,
James Barber of Barlae,
William Barber younger, of Barlae,
James Barbour  of Dunmuir,
William Barbour younger of Dunmuir,
Allan Bell of Hillowton,
William Bell of Gribtae,
James Biggar of Maryholm,
James Birnie of Glenswinton,
John Birtwhistle of Barharrow,
David Blair of Blackeraig,
Alexander Blair of Auchenreoch,
Hugh Blair younger, of Auchenreoch,
Walter Boyd of Kinharvie,
William Cairns of Torr,
Major James Campbell of Waltonpark,
James Walton Campbell younger, of Waltonpark,
Patrick Campbell of Queenshill,
William Campbell younger, of Queenshill,
Archibald Carruthers of Craig,
David Clark of Stogary,
David M'Lellan Clark younger, of Slogary,
Alexander Kennedy Clark of Knockgray,
Doctor John Clark Physician to the Forces,
Samuel Simpson Commelin of King's Grange,
William Copland of Collieston,
Adam Corrie of Dunrod,
John Corrie younger, of Dunrod,
Thomas Corrie of Steelston,
John Costin of Glenson,
Andrew Colville of Ochiltree,
Douglas Hamilton Craick of Arbigland,
John Hamilton Craick younger,of Arbigland,
James Craig of Deanston,
Craig younger, of Deanston,
John Craig of Milnthird,
John Craig younger of Milnthird,
Thomas Crichton of Auchenskeoch,
William Cruden of Gategill,
Major John Culton of Auchnabony,
John Cunninghame of Duchrae,
Francis John Davis of Milnthird Life Renter, to vote and act in Absence of John Dunlop of Dunlop and Southwick Fiar,
David Dick of Muirbrock,
Walter Dickson Writer to the Signet,
John Dickson son of Walter Dickson Writer to the Signet,
Henry Hepburn Dudgeon of  Woodhead,
Robert Nugent Dunbar of Machermore,
John Dunlop of Dunlop and Southwick Fiar, to vote and act in Absence of Francis John Davies of Milnthird Life Renter,
Henry Fergusson of Barntaggart,
Colonel James Fergusson of the Fifty-second Regiment of Foot,
Edward Fletcher of Corsock,
Edward James Fletcher younger, of Corsock,
Charles Philip Fletcher of Nether Bar Fiar, to vote and act in Absence of Henry Harrison Merchant in Liverpool Life Renter,
William Forbes of Callendar,
John Forbes Ensign in the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards,
Stewart Murray Fullarton of Fullarton,
George Fullarton younger, of Fullarton,
Alexander Gordon of Campbellton,
Alexander Gordon of Argrennan,
James Gordon of Culvennan and Balcarry,
James Murray Gordon of Balmaghie,
Thomas Gordon younger, of Balmaghie,
James David Webster Gordon of Campdulziel,
William Gordon of Emmynzie,
Robert Gordon of Auchendolly,
Robert Gordon of Brockloch,
William Barclay Ireland Gordon of Larglanglee,
John Grierson of Formieston,
James Grierson younger, of Formieston,
William Grierson of Grierson of Garroch,
The Reverend William Graham Rector of Arthuret and Kirkandrew,
James Hall Advocate,
John Halket of Auchenflower,
James Halliday eldest Son of the late David Halliday of Chapmanton,
David Halliday second Son of the late David Halliday of Chapmanton,
the Reverend James Hamilton of Torrs,
David Hannay of Blairinnie,
John Hannay of Over Laggan,
Captain James Hannay of the Eighth Regiment of Foot,
Robert Hannay Advocate,
Walter Sloan Laurie Hannay Merchant in Liverpool,
Robert Hannay of Ruscoe,
Henry Harrison Merchant in Liverpool Life Renter, to vote and act in Absence of Charles Philip Fletcher of Nether Bar Fiar,
James Herbertson of Garcrogo,
Heron of Drumcoltran,
William Young Herries of Spottes,
Robert Kirkpatrick Howat of Mabie,
John Hoggan of Stranfasket,
Thomas Hughan of Airds,
John Hyndman of Milton,
William Philip Inge of Thrope,
William Inge late Captain in the Seventh Regiment of Hussars,
the Reverend
George Inge of Thrope,
William Ireland of Barbey,
William Irving of Gribton,
William Irving younger, of Gribton,
John Jameson residing in Drumond Place, Edinburgh,
Peter Johnstone of Carnsalloch,
Charles Johnston of Cowhill,
William Gracie Johnstone Banker in Florence,
David Kennedy of Knocknailing,
James Kennedy younger, of Knocknalling,
John Kennedy of Milton Park,
Kennedy younger, of Milton Park,
Alexander Kerr of Scroggiehill,
Robert Kirk of Casseylands,
John Kirkpatrick of Bogrie,
Thomas Kirkpatrick younger, of Bogrie,
the Reverend Doctor David Lamont of Erncrogo,
John Lamont younger, of Erncrogo,
William Kennedy Lawrie of Woodhall,
Robert Lenox of Portmary,
James Lenox younger, of Portmary,
James Lenox of Dalskairth,
David Maitland of Barcaple,
David Alexander Maitland younger, of Barcaple,
Adam Maitland of Dundrennan,
Thomas Maitland younger, of Dundrennan,
William Maitland of Auchlane,
the Reverend James Maitland of Fairgirth,
William Maxwell younger, of Cardoness,
William Constable Maxwell of Nithsdale and Everingham,
Marmaduke Constable Maxwell of Terregles,
Christopher Maxwell of Orcharton,
John Herries Maxwell of Munches and Barncleugh,
Maxwell younger, of Munches and Barncleugh,
Wellwood Maxwell of Grove,
Alexander Harley Maxwell of Portract,
William Maxwell of Carruchan,
Thomas Maxwell of Drumpark,
Henry Constable Maxwell of Milnhead,
John Clark Maxwell of Middlebie,
Francis Maxwell of Breagh,
William Newall Maxwell of Goldielea,
John Maxwell of the Royal Navy,
David Melville Stewart Clerk of Kirkcudbright,
Alexander Earle Menteathe Advocate,
James Stuart Menteath younger, of Closeburn,
James Montgomery younger, of Stanhope,
James Carrick Moore of Corsewall,
John Carrick Moore younger, of Corsewall,
John Mure of Nunland,
James Ochterlony Lockhart Mure of Livingstone,
John Muir Lowden of Cocklick,
John Muirhead of Logan,
John Muirhead younger, of Logan,
Alexander Murray of Broughton,
John Macadam of Marwhirn,
Lieutenant Colonel William Macadam late of the Seventy-fifth Regiment of Foot,
James Murdoch of Drumwhirn,
Alexander McCartney of Borlocco,
John McCartney younger, of Barlocco,
John McCulloch of Barholm,
James Murray McCulloch of Ardwall,
David McCulloch younger, of Ardwall,
John Ramsay McCulloch of Auchengool,
James McDowall of Logan,
John Andrew McDowall Lieutenant in the Twelfth Regiment of Lancers,
John McKie of Bargally,
Robert McKnight of Barlochan,
Robert McKnight younger, of Barlochan,
William Hannay McLellan of Marks,
James McMichan of Corbieton,
Robert McMillan of Holm,
Patrick Lawrie Macmillan of Barwhinnock,
James McMillan of Lamloch,
McMorrine of Glenarm,
Bryce McMurdo of Nethertoun,
McMurdo of Lotus,
John McTurk of Knocksting,
John Napier of Mollance,
James Napier younger, of Mollance,
William Napier younger, of Crogo,
James Nasmyth of Whitehill,
Peter Wedderburn Ogilvy of Ruthven,
Richard Alexander Oswald of Auchencruive,
Andrew Pringle of Borgue,
George Pew Lieutenant in the Royal Navy,
John Ramsay of Drungans,
John Reid of Kirkennan,
William Renny of Danevale Park,
the Reverend Samuel Richardson of Penningham,
John Reginald Riddle of Kinharvey,
George Clark Ross of Culgruff,
Ebenezer Shaw of Drumrash,
Major General Matthew Sharpe of Hoddam,
Robert Skirving of Nether Kilwhaniday,
John Sinclair of Redcastle,
John Eden Spalding of Holm,
Edward Stuart eldest Son of the Honourable Edward Richard Stewart,
William Stewart of Shambelly,
James Stewart of Cairnsmore,
Mark Sprot Stewart of Southwick,
William Stothart of Cargen,
James Swan of Brae,
Robert Swan younger, of Brae,
Robert Threshie  of Bambarroch,
Robert Threshie younger, of Barnbarroch,
Andrew Watson of Bridgecastle,
Watson younger, of Bridgecastle,
David Welsh of Collin,
Alexander Welsh of Seaur (Scaur?),
James Welsh younger, of Seaur,
Robert Whigham of Lochpatrick,
David Whigham of Cornlee,
Henry Wight of Largnean,
William Wightman of Breckanside,
the Provost and Bailies of each of the Royal Burghs of Kirkcudbright and New Galloway for the Time being,
the Provost and Bailies of each of the Boroughs of Barony of
Maxwelltoun, Castle Douglas, Gatehouse of Fleet, and Creetoun for the Time being,
the Treasurer of each of the Royal Burghs of
Kirkcudbright and New Galloway for the Time being.